New Boston Property Management Expands Role

Bowie County Housing Authority recently entered an agreement with New Boston Property Management to take over operations of their housing benefits program in Wake Village.

In August, several changes were made, including the appointment of former Bowie County clerkVelma Moore as the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners’ chairperson, and the new agreement with New Boston Property Management. Moore said, “We’ve already made good progress.”

Moore was especially pleased with the board’s decision to work with New Boston Property Management, and its executive director, Cal Davis.

Davis, who became executive director in 2000, took NBPM from a HUD rating of “standard” to “high performer” in a single year, where it has remained ever since. Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy was also enthusiastic about Davis’ new role, and said, “It’s exciting to get the BCHA board re-activated. We look forward to it being one of the most effective housing authorities in northeast Texas.”

NBPM has 13 employees, and Davis says there has been no problem integrating the Bowie County Housing Authority into their organization. “We have an outstanding staff. They’re the reason New Boston Property Management has done so well, and the transition of adding the extra property has been pretty smooth.” Davis now spends a day and a half each week in Wake Village.

Last night, BCHA hosted the board of commissioners for their annual board meeting at Golden Corral. Davis said, “The board works very hard, and they’re all volunteers. I’m so glad we can say “thank you” in this way. It is a pleasure serving with them.” Board chairperson Moore said, “I was honored to receive the County Commissioners’ appointment to the board. Sometimes it’s a difficult job, but it’s very rewarding.”

New Boston Property Management Executive Director Cal Davis and Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy
New Boston Property Management Executive Director Cal Davis and Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy

At the dinner, Davis presented Judge Lacy with the BCHA “Year in Review” for 2013. Davis laughed, “It’s a little thin; we’ve only been here a couple months. Next year’s report will be a lot thicker.”

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