Commissioners Court Draws Tea Party Activists

The recent actions of the Bowie County Commissioner’s Court have attracted the attention of Tea Party activist from surrounding states.
This past weekend Tea Party activists from as far away as Hope, Arkansas, came to walk the streets of Bowie County in support of the rollback petition in response to recent actions taken by the county commissioners. The Hope for America Tea Party chairman, Val Knight, pledged support not just for the tax rollback, but, “Holding our elected official accountable for their actions is the greater goal.”
Gone are the days when our elected officials can simply say one thing to get elected and serve their own self-interest once in office. We are looking into legal options as well as candidates to run against those that are corrupt.

Every election is important from the local school board members all the way up to the Presidency. The Tea Party and similar organizations have helped to elected several politicians both in local elections as well as nationally. The different groups with similar objectives come together to support each other in times of need. “United We Stand,” says Mr. Knight.

The recent attempts to intimidate taxpayers from their legal right to petition, the hiring freeze that only applies to the un-elected officials, and the giving of taxpayers money to nonprofit entities has only strengthened their resolve.

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