A Halloween With All Treats This Year

Kids in their costumes enjoying the creation of balloon animals last year at Jesus Fest.
Kids in their costumes enjoy the creation of balloon animals last year at Church on the Rock’s Jesus Fest.

According to MSNNews, Halloween can be traced back two thousand years to a Gaelic festival called Samhain or “summer’s end.” It was believed that the night before the new harvest on November 1st ghosts of the dead returned to earth and were allowed to walk amongst the living.

Although today’s Halloween has many similarities to this particular event, it has since then evolved into something new. What started out as an ancient pagan celebration has become a family friendly holiday.

With the danger of getting candy from strangers’ houses and running around at night, parents and churches have found a safe way for children to enjoy Halloween with all treats and no tricks.

Many churches around town are hosting Halloween themed events as a way to have fun but also give back to the community.

Williams Memorial United Methodist Church held their Pumpkin Palooza on Oct. 27. According to Director of College and Young Adult Ministries Laila Al-Dubais it was a success.

“I believe that festivals like ours are such an amazing opportunity for the community to participate in,” Al-Dubais said. “It provides everyone with a safe and relaxing atmosphere for children to celebrate this time of year.”

Fellowship Bible Church, located on Moores Lane, has their Fall Fest tonight at 6:30 p.m. With free food, a puppet show and costumes, Senior Pastor Dr. Richard Hornok believes it will be a wholesome fun time for families with children.

The main outreach at Fellowship will be their puppet show. Hornok believes that through their puppet ministry, they can more easily communicate scriptural truths to children.

“The puppets will explain the story of Jesus calming the storm and how we can put our trust in Him during difficult and scary times,” he said.

First Baptist Church of Texarkana (FBC), also located on Moores Lane, is having their First Family Fall Festival on Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“I think that aside from the safety factor, it shows community involvement,” FBC Minister to Children Stephanie Bright said. “The community is coming together to provide clean and safe fun for their children.”

The audience listens to a message last year at Church on the Rock's Jesus Fest.
The audience listens to a message last year at Church on the Rock’s Jesus Fest.

Church on the Rock (COTR), located on Mall Drive, will be holding their annual Jesus Fest at the Power House on Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

“It’s a safe place for kids to hang out, eat candy, and also hear a good message,” COTR Youth and College Pastor Travis Jackson said.

Some of the games are set up outside and with the threat of a rainy day in the forecast COTR Senior Pastor John Miller is certain that rain or shine it will be a safe environment with a positive message.

The biggest treat that these leaders want to provide is exposure to the Gospel.

“We don’t just want people to come for the fun games and candy,” Bright said. “I hope that they leave here with the knowledge that Jesus is their hero and their hope.”


If your church is having a Halloween event, leave a comment below to tell us about it!


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