Cass County Patriots Meet US Senate Candidate Dwayne Stovall

Dwayne Stovall - Candidate for US Senate from Texas

Monday evening, Dwayne Stovall, who is running against Senator John Cornyn, met with the Cass County Patriots at Amigo Juan’s in Atlanta.

Stovall, who calls himself a “little r” republican, because he is for small government, and a “Jeffersonian”, because he accepts the Constitution as written and amended, gave a detailed explanation about his views, and why he’s running.

“For me, the debt is key. I’ll never vote to raise the debt ceiling, and I’ll never vote to increase the size of the government.  The sooner we’re forced to quit borrowing money, the sooner we’ll be forced to start making the hard decisions demanded of us to stop the enslavement of future generations of Texans in chains of debt,” he said. “My core principal is: I want to be free. I want my kids to be free.”

“I’m not interested in anecdotal stories – I want facts and statistics. And the first thing to do with any proposed legislation is ask, does it comply with the Federal Constitutions? Two, does it comply with the Texas Constitution? And three, what will be the long term impact on Texas?”

When asked about his role as a Senator, Stovall said that, “because of the 17th Amendment and the states’ loss of control over their Senators, the United States have gone from sovereign entities to merely administrative units for distant elites.  The principle of Federalism, in which all expansive power belongs to the States, has been removed, and Nationalism, in which all power resides in the central government, is what has replaced it. That is the exact opposite of what the Constitution created.  Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution would be nothing more than wax in the hands of the judiciary, to mold it to mean whatever they so choose, and that is exactly what has happened.  Outside of the original limited authorities delegated to the Federal Government by the States, I can see no decision regarding the affairs of Texas for which we Texans would ever need the assistance of a politician in DC,” he said.  “I want to perform the duties of a U.S. Senator as they were designed, to be as George Mason described, ‘A mechanism of self-defense for the State.'”

“Our decline into Nationalism has generally been led by unelected, well-connected federal judges, who will never give up the unconstitutional powers that they have taken.  Any corrections will have to come from the States. Nullification is a start, but we don’t need to be participating in lawsuits regarding things like Obamacare. It’s unconstitutional, we all know it is, and entering the federal judiciary does nothing but perpetuate the illusion that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of everything, all the time, everywhere.  The truth of the matter is that if the issue is not pursuant to the authorities delegated to the Federal Government under the Constitution, it’s one of their business.”

Several remarks got sustained ovations, including:

  • “The Federal Reserve provides no service or value to the United States. It only creates debt. Congress should say, ‘All debt from the Fed was created from nothing, so we owe you nothing.'”
  • “If we stop increasing the debt, we will necessarily limit the size of government.”
  • “Right now we send Washington money, and they send some of it back with strings attached.  We need to find a way to escrow all the tax money that is currently sent directly to the federal government from Texas, and let the State legislature decide what Texas wants to participate in and only pay for those items, keeping the rest of the money here at home.
  • “I’m not a secessionist. I don’t think that’s the best solution. But I do think we need to start talking about the coming economic correction. It’s going to be painful, but we need to take every opportunity to prepare Texas.”
  • “If you hear about me reaching across the aisle, it means I am pulling someone to over to my side.  I don’t negotiate with my principles. I have fidelity to the State and Federal Constitutions, and an undying loyalty to Texas.”

For more information, visit his website: or his Facebook page.

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