Turning Texas Blue with CSCOPE

Painting Texas Blue

What Texans need to know about CSCOPE can best be summed up with a name and a little math. Linda Darling-Hammond, a progressive socialist with a history of speeches on the redistribution of wealth in the school system, is a pillar of the Common Core movement. Linda has been called a hero by the communist reformer Bill Ayers. Mrs. Darling-Hammond headed Obama’s education policy team and is a member of Obama’s Equality and Excellence Commission. In the state of Texas, Linda has provided professional development for teachers on CSCOPE. Now, as you may recall, Texas passed a law that says, “No Common Core in Texas”, so here comes the math:
(TEXAS – Common Core) + (Linda Darling-Hammond x Common Core) = CSCOPE
A more common expression is (Common Core = CSCOPE )

Well, sometimes you have to pass an educational curriculum to know what’s in the educational curriculum.
So let’s see some of the highlights:

  • World History Unit 12 Lesson 07 — likens the Boston Tea Party to “an act of terrorism.”
  • Lesson plans positioning that Christopher Columbus was an “eco-warrior” and all references to God and Christianity were removed.
  • The system had asked students to design a flag for a new socialist nation.
  • A lesson plan for grades 1-3, complete with list of “heroes,” comprises of over a dozen secular progressives and only three conservatives or political moderates.
  • Teachers were asked to sign a contract that would prevent them from revealing what was in the CSCOPE lessons or face civil and criminal penalties.

So these are just a few issues that have been uncovered.

CSCOPE is ruining the lessons being taught in the classroom and is using propaganda to influence educational administrators. While Texas said “NO” to Common Core, the left found another way to indoctrinate Texas children through CSCOPE.

Outcome-based education has never worked in the US. You cannot teach to a test and that is exactly what Texas schools are doing. Teaching to a test means you only learn what the creators of the test want you to learn and the answers they want you to give. This method of educating children is so bad Australia outlawed it after two years of implementation.

This goes a lot deeper than just CSCOPE. Our children are the targets of Progressives, Socialist, Globalist, Marxist, Big Government and Islamic Fundamentalist. Winning the hearts and minds of our children is the goal. The main theme is to eliminate national values, Americanism and the idea of American exceptionalism.

With over 132 College Professor saying, “Get out of Common Core.” Plus the hundreds of Texas teachers resigning, retiring or been fired over their concerns about CSCOPE. What should you do?

First: Educate yourself by taking the time to visit a few web sites.

Second: Ask, “Can I see?”… If you’re a parent, grandparent, guardian or just a concerned Texas citizen you should go to your local school and ask to see what they are teaching.

Third: Talk with your teachers, the principal and school board members and tell them your concerns. Speak out to other people in your community and share what you know.

Together we can get Texas education back on the right track.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. – Vladimir Lenin

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