AR State Troopers Stay Busy Assisting Motorists During Inclement Snow & Ice Conditions

Arkansas State PolicePress Release: State Troopers across Arkansas have spent most of last night and today assisting motorists who have been victims of snow or ice covered highways.

Most of the motor vehicle crashes involved simple single-vehicle “slide-offs” as drivers lost control and slid into highway ditches or medians.

One Arkansas State Trooper was injured about 9 AM today when his patrol car was struck from the rear along the eastbound lanes of I-40 near the White River.

Corporal Damon Dobson, 37, of Monroe County, was transported to a Stuttgart hospital for examination.Corporal Dobson’s injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Corporal Dobson had been investigating a motor vehicle crash and was inside his patrol car when a pick-up truck struck the State Police patrol car.

Several stretches of Arkansas Interstates 40 and 55 were frequent scenes of jack-knifed 18-wheelers which involved State Troopers temporarily blocking portions of the highway while recovery crews worked to clear the highways.Large commercial carrier trucks were also stalled along U.S. 65 in Searcy County and Highway 7 in Newton County.

Troopers have also been assisting local police and sheriff’s departments, particularly in areas impacted by electric power outages.

Some of the busiest State Police Troops involved personnel assigned to Troop K, headquartered at Hot Springs, Troop H, headquartered at Fort Smith, Troop L, headquartered at Springdale and Troop I, headquartered at Harrison.

Highway conditions across Arkansas are expected to worsen overnight as the result of colder weather expected to sweep across the state. Unless it is absolutely necessary or an emergency, highway travel across much of the state is not recommended.

State Police Troop radio and telephone dispatchers request citizens limit their calls to emergency calls only.Statewide information with the latest highway and road conditions can be obtained by calling (800) 245-1672 or viewing the State Highway & Transportation Department map website

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