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US House of RepresentativesThe Cass County Patriots are hosting a US House Candidate forum in Texarkana at the Convention Center, featuring US Congressional candidates from Texas’ 4th Congressional District.

The Patriots have invited incumbent Ralph Hall, as well as all five challengers: Tony Arterburn, Lou Gigliotti, Brent Lawson, John Ratcliffe, and John Stacy.

So far, all but Hall have committed to attend the event.

In addition to the possibility of upsetting Hall’s bid for an 18th term in Congress, this primary is noteworthy because there are no Democrat candidates. In theory, the winner of the primary would be the next Congressman. However, the law requires a candidate to receive 50% of the votes +1 to win the primary. If a candidate receives only a plurality (the most votes cast, but not more than 50%), that candidate and the closest runner-up will face each other in a run-off election.

In addition, while December 9 was the cutoff for Texas primaries, the Texas Libertarian Party holds caucuses, so there is a possibility that the winner of the primary election will face a Libertarian opponent in the general election.

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