US Congress Candidates Forum This Evening; Still No Word on Congressman Hall’s Attendance

US House of RepresentativesThe five challengers to Congressman Ralph Hall’s seat are planning to be in attendance this evening at the Texarkana TX Convention Center, but repeated calls to Congressman Hall’s office have proven unfruitful.

I called Hall’s Rockwall and Texarkana offices multiple times, but until today, never reached anyone, nor did I have my calls returned. Finally this afternoon, I spoke – very briefly – with a lady at Hall’s Texarkana office, who did not know anything about his campaign schedule. She said she is not informed when Hall makes campaign trips to Texarkana. She suggested I contact his campaign office, but didn’t have a phone number.

Indeed, when I checked his campaign website,, there is no phone number listed for that office. At the bottom of the page is a listing for “Upcoming Events,” and one is listed for today from 8AM-5PM, but clicking the link leads to a $70 event planned for Portland Oregon on September 29, 2015. Another link leads to an $85 event in Chicago on September 26, 2015, and a third link leads to a free volunteer recruitment event on Broadway in New York on September 24, 2015.

Since Hall has announced that this is his last bid for office, one would suspect that these events are boilerplate events left by the creator of that section of his website. The rest of the website is well-executed, which leads one to wonder how much campaigning Hall is able to do.

The Cass County Patriots are sponsoring the event, which begins at 6PM this evening. The doors open at 5:30, and the forum begins at 6. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the candidates.

For more details on the forum, visit the info page in our Events section.

0 thoughts on “US Congress Candidates Forum This Evening; Still No Word on Congressman Hall’s Attendance

  1. I believe that Mr Hall had a representative present for this and it was known that the gentleman would be there. I was able to find out that Mr. Hall was present in Washington, working. I’m not a reporter so I guess that is why I was able to search the internet and find this information.
    This is another one sided story where you do not give all the information.

  2. Use the contact form and message me your phone number. Next time I’ll call you, instead of trying multiple times to reach someone at one of Congressman Hall’s offices, and waiting for them to return calls. :-)

    The greater point is whether Hall is actively campaigning, even through surrogates. If you check his site, and click the “View All Events” link at the bottom of the home page, there is still some rather bizarre scheduling.

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