Meet US Senate Candidate Dwayne Stovall This Thursday

Dwayne StovallDwayne Stovall, who is campaigning to replace US Senator John Cornyn, will be appearing at Smokey Joe’s BBQ in Nash TX this Thursday.

This is Stovall’s first trip to Bowie County, and a great opportunity to meet the man who has consistently ranked the highest among conservative Texans in the Senate race.

From Stovall’s website:

I am a [r]epublican (little r), which means I am for limited government.

I have Jeffersonian principles. That means I take the Constitution as written and amended.

I am a true conservative.

My political views derive from a deep respect for the founding generation.

What they fought for, in the way of Independence and liberty, is not lost on me. The founding principle of liberty resonates with everyone, regardless of party affiliation or cultural differences.

I am compelled to do this because the Republic, created with the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, no longer exists. The government we were gifted, founded on the principles of federalism, republicanism, and limited government has long since declined into an unlimited National Government based in socialism. I’m a proud Texan that refuses to remain silent while tyranny grows and liberty is destroyed.

The meeting will be at 6PM, but Smokey Joe’s is open all day, so come get some great BBQ and get to know Dwayne Stovall. He’ll give a brief presentation, and then answer questions.

For more details, visit the info page in our Events section.

0 thoughts on “Meet US Senate Candidate Dwayne Stovall This Thursday

  1. When it comes down to the Federal Reserve are you all talk and no action?
    Stupid question? You and I both know that you can’t attend the party w/o endorsing
    both Israel and the Federal Reserve!

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    There’s no guarantee (or even probability) that Mr. Stovall will see it, though. Please consider coming to the event and asking him in person.

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