Stovall Supporters: ‘If You Think Cornyn is Going to Win Anyway, Send Him a Message’

Dwayne StovallTexans for Stovall released a powerful new campaign video yesterday, along with a logical reason to vote for Stovall:

A lot of people think there’s no way a challenger can beat a two-term incumbent… if that’s the case, then why not at least send a message to Cornyn that his days of being an out-of-touch ruler are over. It’s time for him to start being responsible to We the People.

Stovall, who has won seven of seven straw polls and continues to receive endorsements from conservative groups of all persuasions, said, “Young Texans deserve to live their lives without a looming shadow of debt, and they deserve a senator who will never vote to increase the federal debt. I’ve made that commitment, and no other candidate has. Sen. John Cornyn can’t – he’s voted to increase debt many times in his two terms. He’s been in Washington for too long.”

Here’s the video, with a transcript below:

Text of the ad: “And Senator John Cornyn is at it again – he voted with Democrats to increase the debt. What are we at – $17 trillion? How are my great grandkids gonna pay this off? And now, Cornyn voted for the NDAA, which gives the president the power to incarcerate anyone he designates a terrorist. That makes me feel real comfortable when you catch this administration… Looks like Cornyn stabbed us in the back this time. He voted for cloture on Obamacare. Hello socialism. Everyone is a slave to the state now. Do what you need to do. Bye daddy. I’m Dwayne Stovall, and I approve this message, because it’s time to start putting Texas first. Paid for by Texans for Stovall.”

What do you think? Is a vote for a candidate that “can’t win” a wasted vote?

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