Video of Judge Lacy’s Press Conference Re: Illegal Financing of up to $30Million

Judge Sterling LacyHere is the video of Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy’s press conference earlier today, regarding the illegal county debt. The transcript of his opening remarks are available here, and we wrote about this over the last week here and here.

Lacy accuses former county judge James Carlow of “acting outside the law,” improperly borrowing as much as $30 million, and unnecessarily costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest over a period of ten years or so. Carlow is currently running for re-election as county judge.

Lacy mentions a press release packet, including documents he sent to the US Department of Justice and the TX Comptroller of Public Accounts – available here as a PDF.

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  1. Don’t you think it is just a little ironic that Lacy & Akin has had access to this so called illegal financing for over 3 years and they picked now to bring this to the public eye. Talk about cheap politics.
    I would hate to think that I thought the way to get elected, would be to smear lies on and try to ruin James Carlow’s good name.
    Also does Akin not have a law suit against the very county he running for judge in.

    Shame Shame Shame

  2. Shame should be upon those who betray the public trust. Judge Lacy was careful to avoid accusing Carlos of breaking the law, but I promise you there are some bankers and former elected officials who will have to answer some serious questions.

  3. I am happy to have an elected official that is actually concerned with their responsibility to the taxpayers. Rather than cave in to the good ol’ boy system of ‘go along to get along’, Judge Lacy has adhered to the law and tried to solve problems at the lowest level, probably because of his expertise in professional counseling. It looks like he has, finally, given up on trying to reason with unreasonable individuals, but better late than never.

    I am sorry that he has chosen not to face another term, but at least he is letting the taxpayers know what has been happening behind the scenes. People will accuse him of smearing lies, but they can’t ever seem to identify one of those lies. We now know that Carlow claimed to have a multi million dollar surplus when he left office, but once he couldn’t continue his tax money shell game, it was discovered that the County was actually a couple of million in the hole.

    Ironically, it was Carlow’s own HWY 82 boondoggle that caused this fraud to come to light when the bond rating audit was done for the HWY project. It was not Judge Lacy who brought this to light, but rather Carlow’s own folly.

    People can be upset at the facts, but that does not give them license to call them lies. If Judge Lacy’s detractors have facts and documentation to prove that this information is false, then now is the time to step forward.

    As for Akin’s lawsuit, it has ALREADY had a positive influence on the County. Under pressure from the lawsuit, the Commissioners Court refused to pay the DA’s club membership dues a few days ago. This kind of misuse of our tax dollars is just the sort of issue that Akin’s lawsuit was meant to address. Our corrupt good ol’ boy County government has become so used to tossing around our money, that it has taken a lawsuit to bring them to their senses. (except for Commissioner Blackburn, who STILL voted to pay the DA’s club dues).

    The people are waking up, and they have had enough of the tax and spend politicians.

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  5. Judge Lacy was asked why he didn’t bring this out earlier and from what I understood in his answer he was busy researching it and trying to figure out what was happening. You can’t bring charges or ask for help investigating something until you have a handle on what’s going on. He did his job. Carlow is the one in trouble – and his supporters are trying to change the narrative with mud-slinging.

    I just wish Lacy was running again. We need honest men like him in office.

  6. Judge Lacy is standing alone against the many corrupt county officials. He needs our prayers and support. Most do not even begin to know the truth about what is going on in our county government. James Carlow is spending a lot of money to buy back the seat Judge Lacy won from him 4 years ago. That alone should be enough to tell you who is telling the truth about this situation.

  7. Bowie County commissioners all need to go!!
    Can we roll back the new college tax? We voted it in, why can’t we vote it out?

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