Ratcliffe: Texas Needs a New Generation of Conservative Leaders

John RatcliffePress Release: Former U.S. Attorney and candidate for Congress John Ratcliffe released the latest ad of his 2014 Congressional Campaign today calling for a new generation of conservative leadership in Washington.

“It’s a new day for Texas Republicans, and Texans deserve leaders in Washington who have the energy and the passion to stand up to President Obama and fight for our conservative values and principles everyday,” Ratcliffe said. “Our positive campaign is gaining momentum everyday because Texas Republicans want a member of Congress who will work to repeal Obamacare, cut the out-of–control spending, and oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.”

Ratcliffe’s ad is the latest in his positive campaign for the 4th district seat in Congress held for the last 34 years by incumbent Ralph Hall. The ad will air on broadcast television across the 4th district.

The transcript:

A new day… new opportunity, new challenges.

The dawn of a new generation of conservative leadership…

… leaders like John Ratcliffe.

John Ratcliffe is the only candidate with the energy, the passion, the fight to stand up to Obama’s liberal agenda every day.

Endorsed by the Dallas Morning News, John Ratcliffe is the pro-life, Constitutional conservative Texans need in Washington.

It’s a new day for Texas’ conservative leaders…

… John Ratcliffe for Congress. I’m John Ratcliffe and I approve this message.

For more information, visit the campaign website and Facebook page.


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  1. Mr. Ratcliffe is one of several candidates running for this position I believe are good candidates for this important office. I could also vote for Lawson, Giggliotti, Stacey or Lawson in this race. I believe Ralph Hall is too old to right for our country. He needs to retire.

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