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Republicans Need To Raise The Minimum Wage

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This evil administration is now trying to distract our attention from their criminal activities by arguing for a minimum wage hike to $10.10 an hour. Even though it is not a good thing for the country in general, it is a good thing for the Republicans to get on board with. But not at $10.10 an hour but at $20.00 an hour. If they would do this, and didn’t make any other huge mistakes, they would win all of the congress back this year and win the White House again in 2016. I know the reasonable and true arguments against raising the minimum wage, but we don’t have an intelligent and reasonable electorate anymore. Until we do, we have to do things that will get the votes needed to stop the Socialist Democrats and at the same time educate the electorate.

The bottom line is to win the next two national elections and take back our government from those who seek to destroy it, the Republicans have to embrace these two issues. Raise the minimum wage to $20.00 an hour and reform our failed and dangerous (from increased school shootings) educational system by insisting on real school choice for our children.

California has one of the highest minimum wages in the country and yet they also have the highest poverty rate in the country at 23%. Switzerland has no minimum wage and yet they have one of the lowest unemployment rates at 3% and one of the lowest poverty rates at 7% which is half of our averages in the United States. All of the statistics tell us that raising the minimum wage does not help the poor but you can’t have a reasonable discussion about this issue with the American people because our public schools and the “mainstream” media have done such a good job in deceiving the majority of our citizens. Most of our people do not remember how drastically raising the minimum wage in the 1970’s caused double digit in north carolina unemployment and over 20% a year inflation. To educate the electorate, we need to have it happen again by raising the minimum wage. In this case, raising the minimum wage may be the difference in saving our free nation or totally losing our freedom.

In conclusion, fighting for School choice and a big minimum wage increase will give the White House back to the conservative Republicans. Once we hand the control of our schools back to the parents, we have a real chance for saving our country.

From the Once Great Republic of Texas,
Jorge Washington

0 thoughts on “Republicans Need To Raise The Minimum Wage

  1. Uh…NO! Using evil to fight evil looks good in the movies (Riddick) but is a disaster in the real world. The consequences of raising the minimum wage will be what they always are but the Democrats and Dinosaur Media will blame the Republicans, and the public will buy it hook, line and sinker.

    The only way to win is to follow Ronald Reagan’s example. The “conventional wisdom” said that if he was nominated he would lose in the general election. Then “they” said if he was elected his Presidency would be a failure. When that didn’t happen they tried to pretend it was anyway.

    No, Mister Washington, adopting the methods, strategies and tactics of evil will…not…work.

  2. Raising the minimum wage is evil? Not true. Is it the best policy? Usually not, but in this case it is as laid out in the article. Be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove.

  3. Any policy that produces results the opposite of God’s will is, by definition, evil. You even admit in the first paragraph, “Even though it is not a good thing for the country in general, it is a good thing for the Republicans to get on board with.” If it’s not a good thing, it’s not a good thing and that means it’s evil.

    Remember, God doesn’t measure sin and evil the way we do. Anything, no matter how small, that goes against His will is enough to keep us out of Heaven unless we’re saved by Jesus. The same concept applies here. Now granted, raising the minimum wage may not be the same type of evil as rape or murder but it is still evil no matter how “small”.

    Furthermore you’re advocating Republicans commit this small evil, compromise their principles in order to gain an electoral advantage. But compromise is surrender in slow motion and is exactly how the Republican party came to its present low estate. More of the same is not what the doctor ordered.

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