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Carter: McCoy’s Precinct $1.43 Million Over Budget First Year in Office

Mike CarterPress Release: Mike has a six point plan to put the county on sound financial ground.

His opponent, Pat McCoy has been in office for almost four years, and what do we have to show for it? His first year, he was $1.43 million over budget. This led to the reserve fund being spent.

His next two year’s budgets have resulted in tax increases. What does he do? He blames everyone else, even though he voted for all three budgets.

Mike’s Plan:

  1. Pass Tax Rollback and reduce spending to balance budget.
  2. Cut spending next year by 2% (not wages) and freeze spending for two years.
  3. Implement two-year reduction in force by attrition, except for law enforcement and/or emergency personnel.
  4. Work with Sheriff’s Department to determine most cost effective method for operating County Jail system.
  5. Determine which roads in Precinct 4 are a continuous problem and implement a 10-year plan to upgrade as many as possible.
  6. Remove and replace Commissioner Pat McCoy and his tax more, spend more policies. As a matter of record, the last two budgets were presented by Pat McCoy. It is McCoy’s budget this year that raised our taxes by 16.87%.

I sincerely ask for your vote and support.

For more information, visit Mike’s website or Facebook page.

0 thoughts on “Carter: McCoy’s Precinct $1.43 Million Over Budget First Year in Office

  1. McCoy is the worst commissioner out of the 4 bad commissioners in Bowie
    County. They all voted for the tax increase. Hopefully, we will replace all of them in the next 2 elections.

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