Are They TRYING to Start A Revolution?

Four States News - Essays & OpinionsThroughout history, we have seen what governments do to their own citizens after disarming them. I’m sure that most of the disarmed citizens thought it was their responsibility to follow the law, and the police and military thought it was their duty to “follow orders”. Before the massacres began, I’m sure that most of them thought that “This can’t happen here.”

Several things are different this time. After the Nuremberg NAZI Trials we know that “Just following orders” is not a legal defense for committing criminal acts, and we know that it damned well CAN happen here. The progressive socialists have not been able to fully overcome our spirit of liberty and patriotism, so we still have a vast number of current and former police and military personnel, who understand their Oath to the Constitution. We realize that, according to our Oath of Enlistment/Office, those who advocate contrary to the Constitution are domestic enemies, such as those who advocate for arms infringements.

Many of these socialists have deluded themselves about the merits of gun control (arms infringements) and truly believe they have the Nation’s best interests at heart, as they whistle past the graveyard of history. Let me urge them to reconsider. No one will win the war they are about to spark. There will be devastation on all sides. How many thousand bodies are they willing to stack up to attain their stated goal of “safety?”

Please, progressives, stop beating the war drums. “Do it for the children.”

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  1. Look at the way lives are being ruined today in Connecticut. One day they are upstanding citizens, the next they are felons by stroke of a bureaucratic pen. To the left these are necessary “transitions”, not ends. C.S. Lewis said it well, “…those who torment us for our own good
    will torment us without end for they do so with the approval
    of their own conscience.”

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