Misleading Graphic Attributes Carlow’s Budget Problems to Lacy

In a recent news article, this graphic was used to show, apparently, Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy’s ineptitude as the county’s chief financial officer:

Misleading FY Chart Created by Joe H. Dike, CPA

An astute reader will remember that Lacy was elected in November of 2010, and note that the county’s fiscal year runs from October 1 of one year to September 30 of the next.

Therefore, the chart above is egregiously mis-labled; for the fiscal years ending (FYE) 2010 and 2011, those budgets were created under Bowie County Judge James Carlow.

Indeed, after enacting his first budget (FY 2011-2012), Lacy remarked that it was the county’s first balanced budget in years – in other words, the first time the county had even tried to make ends meet.

Was the mis-labeling intentional? That might be impossible to ascertain, but a quick check by anyone familiar with the county (let alone an accountant or CPA) would have shown that the graphic does more to put Carlow’s administration in a bad light than Lacy’s.

The article, graphic, and quotes are in response to Lacy’s formal accusations of repeated, illegal re-financing of county property by Carlow, previously reported here:

What do you think? Should the Bowie County Citizens Tribune publish an acknowledgement of the error, and issue a correction?

***Update: the graphic has been replaced with one that doesn’t show under which administration the problems occurred. There was no notice given that the earlier graphic was in error.

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  1. From all of the evidence I have seen, I believe Former Judge Carlow should stay that, a FORMER Judge.

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