Dwayne Stovall Filibusters Endorsement of John Cornyn

Dwayne StovallPress Release: Dwayne Stovall issued the following statement:

“Last night, Sen. John Cornyn won about 60% of the Republican vote. That’s certainly a majority, but there obviously remains a large contingent of Republicans who do not agree with the tactics he employs in the Senate. Speaking for myself personally, and probably reflective of a good percentage of those who did not vote for him, I prefer the tactics of Sen. Ted Cruz. Sen. Cornyn’s choice of tactics only lead to more debt and the funding of Obamacare, which are not good for Texas.”

“Sen. Ted Cruz uses every procedural tactic available to him to fight for the best interests of Texas, and I appreciate and endorse that. I’m no longer running for senator, but I am a citizen. I still have grave concerns about the future of Texas under the tactics used by Sen. Cornyn. I cannot give an endorsement of more debt and the funding of Obamacare. That is not good for our families, nor is it a way to keep Texas red.”

“Therefore, I withhold my endorsement for now. Sen. Cornyn has spent twelve years in the Senate. When he wants to move something forward, he knows how and he can. He’s the number two Republican Senator in that esteemed legislative body, so I know that he is quite influential.”

“Many Americans believe that our country is at a precipice. I do. I ran in this election because I believe that we can keep ourselves from ruining a country I love dearly, and a state that I love more. This election is our opportunity to prevent fiscal disaster for future generations of Texans.”

“I’m not sure what the tactics of Sen. Cornyn are to defeat increasing debt and Obamacare, but now is the time for him to put nimble tactics to work. Now is the time for Sen. Cornyn to use his powerful influence and leadership to reverse the debt he allowed when he voted for cloture. Now is the time to defeat Obamacare, with everything he has at his disposal. Texas families and businesses hurt and suffer under Obamacare, and there is no time to wait.”

“I have no problem endorsing Sen. Cornyn after he has achieved these two Republican goals of reducing debt and either defunding or repealing Obamacare. I call on my fellow Texans to join me in waiting for his great effort to accomplish this.”

Dwayne Stovall is a small businessman from Liberty County in the heart of Texas.

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