Another Candidate Enters the Race as an Independent

Barry Crabbe, Independent Candidate for Bowie County Treasurer

Barry Crabbe
Independent Candidate
for Bowie County Treasurer

Barry Crabbe, owner of Barry’s Diamond Jewelers in Texarkana, has announced his candidacy, running as an independent for the office of Bowie County Treasurer.

Crabbe, who has a business degree and over 40 years experience running his business, says he has a dream:

I want to be the best treasurer Bowie County has ever had, and plan to do that by being for the whole county – not my interests, or any special interests.

I am inspired by George Washington, who simply wanted the best for everyone. Republicans and Democrats each represent just half the people. They never consider what’s best for everyone. Instead of swinging back and forth, representing one extreme or the other, I want to represent everyone.

Like Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy, who announced his candidacy as an independent earlier this week, Crabbe must collect at least 500 signatures from registered voters who (1) support his application for a place on the general election ballot, and (2) did not participate in the general primary election on March 4. The application and petition must be filed in the Bowie County Judge’s office by 5PM, June 26 2014.

Crabbe will face current Bowie County Treasurer Donna Burns in the general election on Tuesday, November 4.

0 thoughts on “Another Candidate Enters the Race as an Independent

  1. We already have and excellent Treasure, and she is doing a great job. Who would want to vote for a jeweler to be the Treasure of Bowie County–especially if he’s connected with jerks like Lacy or Akin.

  2. Takes one to know one as the saying goes… Calling people jerks is not going to help your cause. It is disgusting. Maybe that is one of the reasons your son-in-law did not get re-elected. Do you think? Duh!

  3. When anyone – like Doug – starts using name calling instead of logical, rational arguments it automatically makes me suspicious of them and anyone associated with them. In this case that would be the current Treasurer Donna Burns. Maybe I should vote for Crabbe.

  4. Lead tax and spend county commissioner and James Carlow supporter, Pat McCoy who was beaten badly by Mike Carter in the Primary.

  5. That logic worked really well in 2010. You voted in a treasure who couldn’t balance a check book. Who left the job he wanted. You voted in a county clerk who couldn’t do the job and left. You voted in a county judge who has broke the county and caused more problems that will take years to fix! Your logic didn’t work. I will vote for Donna Burns and James Carlow… Real experience!

  6. Don’t you have anything better to do than tell lies? How can County Judge Lacy break Bowie County when all four of the current Carlow supporting county commissioners have voted against him in key budget votes? They are the deceiving ones who tried to raise our county taxes exactly the amount they were supposed to go down when the county under Judge Lacy paid off much of the county debt Carlow and his bunch ran up. Then they said, “How did we raise taxes when your rate stayed the same?” Then they claimed Judge Lacy broke the county. What a bunch of hypocrites we have for County Commissioners, do we not? Jesus Christ hates hypocrisy. Of course, you probably don’t even believe there is a God or you wouldn’t lie and support those who do. The facts show the Bowie County income rose well over 50% in the last eight years of Carlow’s Judgeship and yet population growth and inflation combined were less than 20%. The county takes in enough money but just like the Federal Government, it is not spent well and the tax and spend commissioners want even more. We say, NO MORE!

  7. You are only going to believe what sterling lacy tells you to believe! He is a liar and has been proved to be one, but that doesn’t matter to you! I believe in God, and I know what he says about a wolf in sheeps clothing. The citizens of normal thinking voted against Jeff Akin and will vote against Sterling Lacy! Your group has done enough damage. NO MORE… We are done with you so called PATRIOTS!!

  8. Judge Lacy has opened his office up so the average citizen can go in and look at the official documents that back up his arguments and disproves yours. Go and see for yourself. I did and am very proud of our current County Judge Sterling Lacy. His name and reputation has been trampled on by you and other people who sit around gossiping about things you don’t know the truth about. All you have to do is go and see with your own eyes. I did and I won’t sit around and let you lying gossipers keep trying to ruin a decent man’s reputation who is serving his community to the best of his ability.

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