Special Session of Commissioners Court (Almost) a Dud for Spectators

Bowie County TexasThe Bowie County Commissioners Court met this afternoon at 1PM with attorney Jim Allison to discuss the lawsuit filed a few months ago by Jeff Akin. The Court met in executive session, and the public wasn’t informed of any of the discussion.

However, three citizens seemed well-prepared for the “Public Comments” agenda item. Each spoke for almost the entire three minutes allotted to them, and each had their remarks typed and ready for distribution to the media (see links to PDFs below).

David Wood, of Hooks, addressed the discrepancies in how volunteer fire departments in Bowie County are funded by the county.

Glenn Johnson, of Texarkana, expressed concerns about the amount of money the county donates to charities and non-profits, and included some supporting documents.

James Hanna, of DeKalb, asked the Court to consider mediation to bring the lawsuit to a favorable conclusion.

Volunteer Fire Departments – David Wood (PDF)

Donations to Charities and Non-Profits – Glenn Johnson (PDF)

Mediation – James Hanna (PDF)

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