The Hits Keep On Coming

Hi, folks, Lou Gigliotti here. As you know, I ran for Congress in the 4th district in the primary. I finished a solid 3rd place with almost 17% of the vote against incumbent Ralph Hall and the second place finisher John Ratcliffe who got 28.5%. There is a runoff coming between Hall and Ratcliffe.

I have endorsed Ralph Hall for many reasons, not the least of which are the Ratcliffe connections, and lack of full disclosure and not answering questions about these connections. Ratcliffe is, in essence, hiding facts.

Below are some solid reasons to “Reject Ratcliffe”. I will also attach a document that some of you have already received as, “The case against Ratcliffe” for you to look at as well.

Some of you have already seen much of this but the hits keep on coming.

Some of it you may already know but most of it spells out why we DO NOT want just another insider who spent almost a million dollars to get in this runoff.

Sorry if some of this is redundant but it gives the nefarious connections and loyalties that will control Ratcliffe.

**There is no way that John Ashcroft will not have a say in legislation.

**There is no way that any vote will not be influenced by these connections.

We need a true representative in Congress, not a puppet of the inside beltway “Ruling Class”.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions: 214-679-8907

On the positive side for Ralph, there is but 2 or 3 votes that I disagree with in the past 100 votes. Age is catching up with his body but not his mind and principles.

I spent a week in DC as Hall’s shadow and I witnessed Ralph running at 5:30 am, which is more than I do. It is countering the age issue very well.

I keep saying that Hall has 4 things that Ratcliffe does not have. “Honor, Integrity, Experience and Loyalty to the district.

After these 4 things, there is not much else to say.

Thanks and best regards, I hope this information is helpful.
Lou Gigliotti

I know this is a lot of information to process, but it shows the corrupt connections that Ratcliffe has and where his loyalties will be rather than the 4th district.

There is so much information about his connections to Ashcroft, Sutton, and the entire Ashcroft Lobbying group that voting Hall out to make room for this lawyer would be wrong.

Even though Hall is getting old, he has 1 more term left in him. Hall is actually an honorable man who really loves Texas and the people of the 4th district.

It makes no sense to saddle the 4th district with a slick Chicago lawyer that would not be in Congress for the people of the 4th district of Texas.

Most of what I found I Googled using the names Ratcliffe, Ashcroft, Christie and Sutton. Plus phrases like “52 million Christie, Department of Justice” and “Ashcroft Lobbying.”

When confronted with these issues, Ratcliffe just says, “I am not a registered Lobbyist”.

But I will point out that in the Ashcroft Lobbying Group, not even Ashcroft is a registered lobbyist because he has 1 woman on his payroll who is, and that is all the law requires.

To start we have the Johnny Sutton Connection to Ratcliffe. He did not just bump into Sutton on the way into the Ashcroft group offices.

They are pals from the DOJ where they all worked together, including Chris Christie who was a US Attorney in New Jersey.

Johnny Sutton is Ratcliffe’s partner along with John Ashcroft in his law firm, “Ashcroft Sutton Ratcliffe”.

Sutton is the US Attorney who put the 2 border guards in jail while letting A Mexican Drug dealer get immunity.

Look at the Quote from below, ” The firm will be associated with the Ashcroft Lobbying Firm, the Ashcroft Group.”

This is from the Ashcroft Group’s own press release.

Ashcroft lobbying firm RATcliffe connection

Tracy Hinke connection to Cap and Trade for Ashcroft client Rockefeller Family Fund

For some reason, no one is looking into the facts about Ratcliffe.

If you look at what Tracy Henke was lobbying for on behalf of the Ashcroft group, it is for passage of a modified “Cap and Trade” bill from 2009 till the present for the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Plus the Ashcroft group lobbied Chris Christie to give money to the Rockefeller Family fund from Hurricane Sandy relief fund even though there was NO hurricane damage to their project.

The implication is that Ratcliffe would have no problem voting for this sort of thing to help his company, The Ashcroft Group.

He will represent them first and the 4th district second. Clearly, Ratcliffe is already at the least, surrounded by corruption, so why put him in office?

The common denominator is the Department of Justice where all of these cronies came from. That puts a damper on the idea that these lawyers are different from other lawyers.

In July 2009, the Rockefeller Family Fund “retained former Attorney General’s John Ashcroft‘s lobbying venture to work Congress on its behalf,” reported O’Dwyer’s. The Ashcroft Group is representing the Fund on the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill and “the Clear Act, a cap and dividend variation of President Barack Obama’s proposed cap and trade legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a link to the info on Tracy Henke, an Ashcroft Group Advisor:

Controversy at Homeland Security

On May 31, 2006, Henke, who is in charge of Homeland Security’s grant-making, announced plans to “cut counterterrorism money for New York City and the Washington area — which together have been the targets of 100 percent of al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks on American soil — by 40 percent each. Adding insult to this injury, Henke’s department judged that the nation’s capital is a ‘low-risk’ city and that the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building are not worthy of “national icon” status. By contrast, those terrorism magnets of Kansas City and St. Louis—both by happenstance in Henke’s home state of Missouri—received boosts in funds. Other winners: the horses of Louisville, the cattle of Omaha and five cities in Jeb Bush’s Florida.”

U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) said of the incident: “Tracy Henke had to leave the department. Very simply, she did a terrible job in the decisions she made to award grant money. … And the department realized that.” Henke’s resignation was effective October 31, 2006.


Upon resigning from the Department of Homeland Security, Henke immediately began work the next day as “a senior adviser at the Ashcroft Group, a Washington lobbying firm headed by her old boss, former Attorney General John Ashcroft.”

According to Henke’s current Ashcroft Group biography: “Tracy Henke is an expert on homeland security and justice funding and programs; assessing the legislative and policy landscape; formulating procedure and policy; top-level negotiating; and strategic planning. Henke’s career focus has given her knowledge of all sides of the budget, appropriations, and program execution process.”

One of Henke’s lobbying clients is the Rockefeller Family Fund, for whom she lobbied in 2009 for passage of the CLEAR Act, a cap and dividend variation of President Barack Obama’s proposed cap and trade legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

******* Really? Gee what could go wrong having the Ashcroft Group and John Ashcroft and the lobbying clients, having a direct line to a Congressman who is their partner?******** – the Clear act = Modified Cap and Trade

Here is a letter I wrote to “” after they endorsed Ratcliffe. I then included most of the links and screen shots with it.

Hi folks,

My name is Lou Gigliotti. I came to the Redstate Gathering in New Orleans last summer. I also ran for Congress in the 4th district and finished a solid 3rd place.

Given the choice and the proper background investigation of Ratcliffe, I have endorsed Ralph Hall for one more term.

If you will actually take a look at what I have included, you might want to PULL your endorsement.

The Redstate Group and Eric Erickson do not strike me as the kind of group that would accept this sort of candidate no matter what incumbent you were trying to remove.

Ratcliffe is not Bevin. Ratcliffe is an entangled passenger on the Ashcroft Corrupt operation train. He is no more a Conservative to replace Hall than

There seems to be a disconnect that says, remove the old incumbent even if it replaces them with a hard core Crony Capitalist-bureaucrat-lobbyist connected-corupticrat RINO.

From the Ashcroft Group, the Washington DC Lobbying firm to Johnny Sutton the border guard imprison abuser, and Chris Christie corrupt connection, you have ignored it all or just decided to not count it.

Christie handed the $52 Million dollar contract to the Ashcroft group then Christie handed $6 Million to the Rockefeller Family Fund that hired the lobbying services of the Ashcroft Group, to push for money for non existent hurricane Sandy damage.

Ratcliffe is a named partner working closely with the Ashcroft group. Do you really think the interests of the Ashcroft group will not color his votes and what bills he pushes?

Take a look at the info below. You owe it to the Redstate reputation to make a well informed decision rather than just take the easy path.

You and your group ignored our Texas CD4 race in the primary when you could have picked a true Conservative over the well funded connected bureaucrat.

Now I believe that you owe it to the Conservatives in the 4th district to actually check out these facts.

Denials from Ratcliffe are just that, prepared and canned denials. His history and actions or non actions speak volumes.

I hope you restore my faith in your group because if this is a true indication of what you stand for, then you stand for nothing.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” OR for good men to do the wrong thing.

Very Truly Yours,
Lou Gigliotti


0 thoughts on “The Hits Keep On Coming

  1. From one of your former supporters, I see where people who worked with Ratcliffe did less than desirable things. In my book, that doesn’t make Ratcliffe a bad person. I feel that you may be having sour grapes about not being in the runoff against Hall. Yes, I have concerns about Ratcliffe as I would about anyone but I have more concerns about Hall. My dealings with Ralph Hall’s staff have left me believing he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I have looked at Hall’s voting record for the last several years and although most votes were in my opinion good, many were against the my core principles. If you’d have won, I’d have voted for you against Hall but with your continued and I might add in my opinion, which obviously doesn’t mean much, largely unsubstantiated accusations against Mr. Ratcliffe, I doubt if I will vote for you in the future. It looks to me and others as though you will be running for office again and that is your end goal. Sometimes you just have to let go… God bless you and yours.

  2. Hi George,

    First thing is that I would like to point out is that I put my real name on my statements.

    As for his staff, you should try contacting his Washington DC Staff because I found them to be quite honorable and really concerned about the district since they are all from this district.

    I am sorry that you say that these facts are unsubstantiated because I put links to the various places that actually do back up every point I made.

    Sour grapes do not enter the conversation. Just knowing that these connections actually exist makes Ratcliffe unsuitable for the 4th Congressional seat.

    Consider this; Saying that Ratcliffe’s friends and associates and even partners have done less than desirable (and less than honorable) things but somehow they do not reflect upon Ratcliffe, is like saying that the others are the ones who committed the crime but Ratcliffe “only drove the getaway car”. Some how you say, that should relieve him of any guilt.

    Prime example is Johnny Sutton, who did in fact put two border guards in jail for 12 years based upon the testimony of the Mexican drug smuggler. All the while withholding the fact that the Drug Smuggler had already been arrested again, for more smuggling after his immunity and testimony.

    Sutton went out of his way to bend the rules to put the border guards in jail. Oh yeah, then Ratcliffe became his partner. Really?

    Ashcroft took $52 million dollars of Taxpayer money but then Ratcliffe became his partner? Really?

    So Ratcliffe joins a gang of lawyers doing bad things, but he is the only pure one?

    My end goal is to bring our country back to the Constitutional Republic that we once had. And putting a seriously compromised insider crony lawyer in OUR seat is not the path that needs to be taken.

    If the idea that “sometimes one just has to let go” were to apply to anyone striving to regain our freedom and liberty, I would call them a coward. If I am not willing to stand and fight for more than just politics then I would not be a true patriot.

    Given the current situation, there is no choice but to “Reject Ratcliffe” because he will do us no good in our fight to maintain our freedom and liberty.

    I am not willing to stand SILENT now, just as I would never sit down and Shut Up if I ever get to Congress.

    God Bless the America and Texas that I love.

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