Bloomburg ISD Election Slated for Saturday, May 10

Bloomburg TX WildcatsThe Bloomburg School Board election is scheduled for Saturday, May 10, in the school library, from 7am to 7pm. Early voting ended Tuesday, May 6, with approximately 25 votes. Out of 836 registered voters in the Bloomburg Independent School District, 120-140 usually vote, according to Cindy Dawkins, Executive Assistant to the Superintendant.

Voters will choose two from three candidates for the school board, running for three year terms. Suzanne Simmons Bishop, incumbent, currently Secretary of the Board; Brian Cloninger, incumbent, currently President of the Board; and Tony Hancock, opposing candidate. Bishop and Cloninger have previously served nine years on the board. Also running, for a one year term, unopposed, is John Smith. He was appointed for a partial unexpired term which was vacated by Jack Striplin last year.

Candie Harris, Election Judge, and Kate Simms, Alternate Judge, will preside over the election. To vote, it is necessary to live in the school district and have a picture ID. There are seven forms of acceptable ID. Four are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety: Texas driver license, Texas Election ID Certificate, Texas personal ID card, and Texas concealed handgun license. Also acceptable are US military ID card with photo, US citizenship certificate with photo, and US Passport.

Brian Cloninger, President, explained that the members are elected to the board, and then the board chooses who acts in what capacity. “We haven’t always made the right decision, but we’ve always tried to do the best for the school,” he said, adding, “We have a good mixture of conservatives and liberals. We may disagree, but we try to be open-minded, and we always remain friends.” Nine years ago the election was a pretty big deal, he said. There were six candidates running for two places. Bishop received 135 votes and he received 132. That was the most votes anyone ever got in a school board election, he commented.

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