Veterans for Congress Endorses Ralph Hall

Veterans for Congress PACPress Release: Veterans for Congress PAC is proud to endorse Ralph M. Hall for Re-election in the May 27th runoff in Texas Congressional District Four. Veterans for Congress is a grassroots organization founded by Veterans and believes deeply in the cause of Liberty, Constitutional government, the rights of Veterans and American Sovereignty. Ralph Hall has served this country honorably, both in combat as a navy fighter pilot in WWII as well as in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Ralph Hall has exceeded our criteria for an endorsement in every arena.

Ralph Hall is a supporter of the Fair Tax. We at Veterans for Congress believe that our economy and our country can only move forward with a new tax code and we applaud Congressman Hall’s courage for taking a stance on this issue.

Ralph Hall is endorsed and is a proud member of the National Rifle Association and takes a clear stance on defending our second amendment rights.

Ralph Hall has shown he is not afraid to stand up to the establishment of his own party and vote to limit the scope and overreach of the N.S.A. as he did in July of 2013.

Ralph Hall has shown he is for a Constitutional foreign policy with his vote against intervention in Syria this past summer. He also stated to Veterans for Congress verbally, that he would like to see U.S. troops brought home to serve on our southern border. We cannot stress enough how critical that kind of wisdom is to American freedom and security.

Ralph Hall is a bold and proud defender of the rights of the unborn and is endorsed by National Right to Life.

Ralph Hall is also an economic patriot and may be the last remaining true economic patriot in Congress. Mr. Hall voted no to N.A.F.T.A., a failed free trade agreement that has cost the U.S. more than 800,000 jobs. He is also recently stood virtually alone in condemning the illegal dumping of South Korean steel into the U.S. market, driving down the price of U.S. steel and putting American jobs at risk.

Ralph Hall is also a staunch supporter of U.S. sovereignty and believes that our Southern border with Mexico should be defended by our military, which would actually be a true constitutional function of our federal government.

For the above mentioned issues and for other reasons too numerous to officially recognize, Veterans for Congress PAC proudly endorses Ralph M. Hall for another term as representative of Texas congressional district four.

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  1. I’m sorry but Ralph Hall has voted for many huge pork projects. He also will not debate Mr. Ratcliff. Yes, Mr. Hall is a Patriot for honorably serving our country but he needs to be replaced by someone who will take our deficits seriously but more importantly be a total supporter of parental school choice. I personally have not been treated well in the few times I have contacted Mr. Hall’s offices. He needs to go and if Mr. Ratcliffe wins this race I will be watching his votes carefully and will call for someone to replace him as well in 2 years. But having talked one on one with Mr. Ratcliffe, I believe there is a very good chance he’ll be a good representive for our district in congress.

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