If Ralph Hall Can Still Sprint at 91, I Want Him to Represent Me

Ralph HallFour States News - Letters to the Editor is a native of East Texas, WWII veteran, successful businessman, and staunch conservative with great seniority in the U.S. House. He has always helped the folks in his District regardless of their origin or politics.

John Ratcliffe is not one of us. He was born and nurtured in Chicago. That explains why he expects us to believe that the ceremonial mayoral office of Heath, Texas is sufficient experience to become a Congressman. Congressman Hall was a county judge and a Texas State Senator before he first ran for Congress and did not have to pay for his own election.

Mr. Ratcliffe has spent at least a half-million dollars of his money on this campaign. The salary of a Congressman for two years will not replace that investment. Why do entrepreneurs invest money? To make money!

Mr. Ratcliffe was a trial lawyer (an ambulance chaser) for twelve years. Next, he was interim US attorney, never confirmed. Now, he is a partner in Ashcroft Sutton & Ratcliffe, a Dallas law firm that lobbies in DC. His partner, Johnny Sutton, is the U.S. attorney that granted a Mexican national drug dealer, Aldrete Dávila, immunity in exchange for giving his testimony against Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, former US Border Patrol agents, who shot Dávila as he tried to escape from them.

When The Dallas Morning News reported that Texans in Washington had a fundraiser for Congressman Hall in a row house near the Capital, Mr. Ratcliffe wrote that they were lobbyists in a private club.

If Mr. Ratcliffe was older you might think he was Harry Reid or if he wore a dress, you might think he was Nancy Pelosi.

Recently, The Dallas Morning News stated, “After 34 years, Representative Ralph Hall of Rockwall is in a sprint to the finish.” And I say that if a ninety-one-year-old, senior Congressman with honor, integrity, experience, and loyalty to the district can still sprint, that is the person we want to represent us.

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  1. Ralph Hall votes for most of the pork projects. He’s one of the problems in Washington and it’s time for someone who will actually change things instead of making deals to keep the massive spending in place. No thank you Mr. Hall, you have become the problem. I’ll cast my vote for a new face until we get someone who will vote compassionate conservative every time.

  2. Jorge, please provide your definition of pork projects and a list of those projects for which Congressman Hall has voted. Also, please provide your definition of a compassionate conservative. Congressman Hall’s voting record for the past three years has been conservative but not extremely conservative, which is my definition of a compassionate conservative. By the way, when you send a new face to Congress, you send a person with no clout because clout is based on seniority. Finally, many folks refer to pork projects that are votes to bring federal money to the Fourth District for highways, airports, reservoirs, police forces, courthouses, etceteras, all of which enhances the economy of the District.

    Also Jorge are you ignoring that John Ratcliffe left the Dept. of Justice to join the Ashcroft Group just months after a $52 Million Dollar, no bid Contract, was handed to them, from the same Dept. of Justice. This is what you call crony capitalism. And Mr. Ratcliffe’s partner, Johnny Sutton, when he was a US Attorney gave a Mexican national drug dealer immunity to testify against two border agents who shot the drug dealer when he tried to escape during their effort to arrest him.

    See the following comments by these two drug dealers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzgBVN1dRCw.

    Voter your will. But do not justify it with false information.

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