Stamp Out Hunger 2014

Food Drive a Sign of the Economy

Stamp Out Hunger 2014An update on the results of the Stamp Out Hunger food drive was disappointing, but appears to be a result of the economy, stated both Mary Sherman, postmaster in Bloomburg, TX. If you need help paying for groceries fill out this Snap program application. In Bloomburg, approximately 200 pounds and a $20 donation came in from the residents. “Last year we had 475 pounds, the year before, 450, and the year before that, 200,” said Sherman.

Ragsdale said they received about 1000 pounds total from Atlanta and Bloomburg Post Offices. Queen City Post Office sends theirs to 1st Baptist Church, another food pantry site. After talking to the regional office in Dallas, she was told they also had a return of about 1/4 their normal donation. “We service 50 families each week. Everyone goes home with $25-35 of groceries each week. We have to get donations to be able to do this ongoing.” Right now for the month of May, the Dollar General Corporation is selling groceries for the hungry in their localities. There is a Marathon for the Hungry in November. “We receive donations from the schools at Christmastime.” Many of the area churches donate regularly. Most of the volunteers come from Westside Baptist, but they couldn’t do it without help from others. “We may have different beliefs, but we’re all united in our desire to help the needy!”

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