Elections have Consequences

Lou GigliottiWell, it is time to reflect on this runoff election in the 4th district, and the failure to keep a squishy republican out of Congress.

Ratcliffe has a non existent conservative record, prior to running for this office, other than a “Jingo” (a better path for a brighter future) Ratcliffe actually used the same Jingo in his press release after winning? Is it possible that he has NO conservative agenda that he wants to implement?

Couldn’t Ratcliffe have said something like, “Now is the time to get my plan in gear to shrink government” or “Now the real work starts. Reducing the size of Government will not be easy but I am ready to go to Washington to give it my all!” Well the answer to that is a resounding… NOPE. He is stuck in Campaign Jingo mode with no plan and no principles to apply, so what is his point?

I guess Ratcliffe is “pointless”. We will see.

This entire Primary process was a vote AGAINST Ralph Hall and incumbency, not a vote for Ratcliffe since he has no real record. What he had was money and a slick DC campaign staff, a bland message and a disgruntled electorate at the thought of having a 91 year old Congressman, no matter how good Ralph Hall was. Oh, Did I mention money?

Over 20,000 primary voters stayed home for the runoff which is disgraceful. Now the entire district will have to watch and see exactly what the “Better Path” really means. (yep, sounds conservative to me)

Now we will have to watch to see how the guy with all the nefarious connections actually votes. Will he wait till the end of each vote to see if his vote matters so he can vote conservative to save face? Will he lead any fight to shrink government? At 48 he should be as tireless as Ralph Hall at 91 years old, but I doubt it.

We must all hold his feet to the fire and see what his “Brighter Future” really means as well. Is it just brighter for his future, or the 4th district?

Slick campaign jingoes work well, in campaigns, but in real life, and in the real Congress with pressures mounting to grow government, we have to see where the guy from Chicago takes NE Texas. Is the reality of Texas becoming a Blue State already hitting NE Texas?

Have we tossed out an elderly Conservative Statesman, to elect exactly the kind of Congressman that we hate? Time will tell.

***Note to Conservative pundits, activists and power brokers……DO NOT WAIT SO LONG TO ENDORSE a real conservative so we don’t end up with a Chicago Lawyer like we just did! And note to other Conservative bloggers, DO your homework before endorsing a Rino and calling him Conservative! I plan to remind you all.

I offer my sincere thanks to Ralph Hall for his dedication and service as a conservative in both parties. I never voted for Ralph until he switched to Republican and I told him that. Everything happens for a reason, but the reason is not clear at the moment.

God Bless Ralph Hall. —— And GOD HELP the 4th district of Texas.

Keep your score cards up to date on Ratcliffe’s votes and what he pushes for in Congress (or what he fails to push for).

We shall not be duped for long.

Best Regards
Lou Gigliotti

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  1. I voted for Ratcliffe and encouraged at least a hundred other people to do so as well. If Ratcliffe doesn’t live up to my expectations, I will be working just as hard for someone else in two years just like I worked against Ralph Hall. He was a big pork spender and that was enough to give someone else a chance. Besides, Hall’s staff was rude to me and I’ve heard others say the same thing. I am not happy that Lou turned on Ratcliffe once he lost. That shows me a lack of charater because he was saying almost exactly what Ratcliffe was until he lost. Sorry Lou, but my friends and I will probably not support you because of the way you turned. Just saying… We don’t care much for turncoats in Texas.

  2. I think Ralph handled it well and kept it civil. Personally I would rather have much less political experience in Washington as our seasoned politicians got us into this mess.

    On Ralph, he has been a class act over the past ten years that I have known him. Those who complain about pork spending need to realize that most bills are full of pork. It would be refreshing to see every bill stand or fall on their own.

    Money helps and should not be demonized as it is a part of politics. I believe term limits would reduce much of the corruption in politics. Those of us who know Ralph, know that he voted his conscious and avoided the corruption tar pits.

  3. I agree that Ralph Hall handled his defeat well. In the end, I felt like he was not getting anything done for our side and as I said, he voted for pork and with Obama to raise the debt ceiling more than once so he wasn’t anti-big heavy handed government enough for me. When that happens I start looking to give someone else a chance. If Mr. Hall had won the runoff, I’d supported him without question for this November. When I talked with Mr. Ratcliffe one on one, he said the right things to earn my vote. There is a good chance he will be a great representive for our district. Let’s all hope so. My feelings for Lou would have been better if he had brought out the less than desirable things about Ratcliffe before he lost to him instead of after. In this case, timing meant a lot. Lou was totally against Hall before he got beat and totally for Hall after he got beat. That just seems like a politician to me, although he claims he isn’t. But wait, when you run for office, doesn’t that make you a politician? Maybe someone is confused. Could it be? From the Once Great Republic of Texas, Jorge Washington

  4. Lou says that because he is out of the country and using an I-phone so he can’t respond to my comments here so I am posting his last comment to me and then my response.

    In a message dated 5/29/2014 10:50:07 P.M. Central Daylight Time, louforcongress12@gmail.com writes:
    For what is worth I brought out everything I could about Ratcliffe before I lost to him by only 11% points.

    Let’s watch as we see if Ratcliffe’s words turn into conservative action.

    A politician is one who has a life career in politics.

    A citizen who wants to change how our government treats us is a patriot.

    The founding fathers were patriots who held political office.

    We need to never elect any bureaucrat

    My response:

    With all due respect Lou, your personal definition of politician does not match the dictionary definition of politician. But even if you take your definition, which of the two was the bigger politician of the two? Obviously it’s Ralph Hall and if you would be honest with yourself and others, you’d admit that. I remember you saying time and again that it was time for Ralph Hall to go and right after the election, you jumped to Ralph Hall’s side against Ratcliffe. If what you say is true, what proof do you have that you brought out these things against Ratcliffe before the election you lost to him and Hall? Seriously, if you can show me proof that you did bring up these things about Ratcliffe before the election, I would change my attitude towards you. No other candidate in this race was more of a career politician and a bureaucrat than Ralph Hall. Absolutely NONE! So, if you decide to run again and the vote of my friends, wait until you get back from overseas so you can tell us all where we can see the evidence you brought up any of this stuff against Ratcliffe before the primary where Ratcliffe won the right to be in the runoff. My friends and I think it is important that everyone be able to see this conversation. Believe me, they are watching.

  5. Hi, Yes, I finally got to an internet connection that actually worked.

    You are correct that Ralph Hall was a lifelong politician which is not desire able at all.

    I took Ralph’s side and labeled it Purgatory since we knew it was temporary
    whereas Ratcliffe is hell because he will be flooded with special interest money to allow him to stay toooo long.

    If you came to candidate forums you would have heard me bring up all the things about him live and in person.

    If you got my mailer it was in there as well.
    I only had $$$ enough to send out one mailer but I sent out over 60,000 of them with the Ashcroft lobbying connection and more about Ratcliffe.

    If you did not get one I will be glad to send you one.

    What happens now is not up to me. It is up to Ratcliffe and his handlers.

    Now we observe and stay vigilant.

    Thanks for posting up for me.

    Lou gigliotti

  6. Thank you for your reply. I did go to one of your candidate forums and met you and your lovely wife. I came very close to endorsing and voting for you. If I had gotten the information about Ratcliffe before the election, I probably would have. I don’t remember you saying anything about Ratcliffe other than general comments about all of the other candidates. Both of you were extremely focused on Ralph Hall. I have a favor of you Lou. Watch John Ratcliffe like a hawk and report on this forum any votes that you agree or dissagree with from him. If I find him to be less than desirable, I will work very hard with you to unseat him next election. Is that a deal?

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