Judge Lacy’s Appointee to Financial Advisory Board Resigns Due to Political Pressure

Bowie County TexasAt Bowie County Commissioners Court on May 27, Bowie County Commissioner Tom Whitten, suggested the Court appoint a 5-person financial advisory board, with each member of the Court to pick one member. The Court passed his motion unanimously.

Commissioner Stone appointed Denis Washington; Commissioner Whitten appointed Mike Sandefur; Commissioner Carter appointed Tim Ketchum, and Commissioner Blackburn appointed Joe Dike.

Judge Lacy’s original pick, Larry Davlin, was informed Monday morning that Texarkana TX City Manager John Whitsen considered Davlin’s participation on the board a conflict of interest, and demanded he step down. Davlin told Judge Lacy shortly before Court, and when the Commissioners formally announced their choices for the board, Lacy told the Court he would appoint Davlin’s replacement later in the day. The Court approved the list, plus whoever Lacy planned to appoint.

I’ve been waiting for Lacy’s announcement of his appointee to write this article, and asked him about it. He said that he didn’t plan to announce his appointee until the next session of Court. He said, “I don’t want the political machine crushing this candidate ahead of time.”

0 thoughts on “Judge Lacy’s Appointee to Financial Advisory Board Resigns Due to Political Pressure

  1. I guess it was a good thing the poor guy withdrew since Lacy chose a person who had nothing to offer the committee.

  2. Me Dike. I’ve held off saying anything about you, but you’ve crossed the line in personally attacking me. It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about as usual. You an immature, rude and obnoxious individual. You espouse to be a ChristIan and a member of FBCNB. If the members of your church were to read all the vial and hateful things you have posted about Judge Lacy and others they would have an entirely different view of you as a member and mentor of youth. In fact, copies of everything you’ve posted on every site is ready to disseminate publicly.

    You have zero knowledge of my qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities! I have more to offer than you can ever hope to have or offer. Your remarks are offensive and rude.

    You sir, are an elected official representing the City of New Boston. You’re an embarrassment and shame to the city. You should resign immediately as councilman and as a representative of the Financial Advisory Committee. If not, I will make it my mission and recruit others to a mission attending council meetings and write to the press about you at every chance.

    You picked the wrong person to mess with. Go ask ex Judge Carlow, he knows me.

  3. mr dike I guess you found out who is qualified …he was the only man who qualified to set on this committee …you are messing with the wrong person..

  4. I’ve tangled with Texarkana City Manager John Whitsen in the past and my personal regard for him is exceedingly low. I have two questions:

    1) On what grounds (legal or otherwise) can the City Manager make ANY demands on the County?
    2) What conflict of interest is Whitsen talking about?

  5. Mr. Whitsen is it not allowed for your employees to do public services on their own time? I hope you don’t get a hate on for TRAHC, Red Cross, Susan Komen, or others, where your employees might volunteer to make their fellow man’s lives better. One thing about New Boston, at least they will even let a City Councilman volunteer!

  6. I know Mr. Whitson and he’s made some good decisions and the City of Texarkana has earned the State of Texas Platinum Leadership Circle Award for honesty and transparency. That is a huge achievement and is probably in part due to Mr. Whitson. That being said, I think his decision in this case was wrong. Under former Judge Carlow, Bowie County never got any acceptable rating from the State of Texas and under Judge Lacy has gotten the county to a Gold Leadership Circle Award just this year which considering the majority of obstinate commissioners he’s had to deal with is very good. If we can get the financial problems under control and figure out where the county money is going, Bowie County should be able to earn the Platinum Award next year.

  7. Mr Dike is the one that has the conflict of interest. The county pays the city of New Boston more than 6,000 dollars a month for doing nothing. Reportedly its for dispatching.

    However calls that might be answered by the City of New Boston go to the bi state Justice Center once it is determined that it’s not for a call within the city.

    If the county pays the city of New Boston anything at all it should be a pro rata share. They should calculate the entire salary of the dispatcher and divide it by the number of calls. The county should only pay for actual usage.

    And, don’t lie to us and say its for a backup. The last time the Bi state Justice Center dispatch was down New Boston was down as well.

    So this is where the conflict is. City of New Boston stands to gain even more county money with Mr Dike on this board.

  8. Janice, you are correct. There is a conflict of interest for Mr. Dike to serve on this board. But I don’t guess the New Boston Mayor Johnny Branson will ask Mr. Dike to step down…

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