Judge Lacy Announces Replacement to Advisory Board

Bowie County TexasWhen Bowie County Commissioner Tom Whitten, suggested the Court appoint a 5-person financial advisory board, with each member of the Court to pick one member, the appointees from the Commissioners were Denis Washington,Mike Sandefur, Tim Ketchum, and Joe Dike.

Judge Sterling Lacy’s appointee, Larry Davlin, was forced by Texarkana TX City Manager John Whitsen to step down. Davlin works for Texarkana Water Utilities, and Whitsen deemed that a conflict of interest.

Today, Judge Lacy announced his new appointee, local business owner Robert Worthen. The Court approved Worthen unanimously.

After Court, Lacy was approached by board members Joe Dike and Mike Sandefur, who informed him they had already been meeting, and had decided their meetings would be closed sessions.

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  1. For the committee to be meeting before the entire committee is seated, seems like it may be politics triumphing policy once again, especially given Mr. Dike’s continued open hostility and berating of Judge Lacy. It sounds like yet another power play was put in operation to disapprove Judge Lacy’s well qualified nominee and then start committee meetings before his new choice is seated. I hate to think this, but because of the arrogance that Mr. Dike has repeatedly shown is not only unbecoming of someone in a position of public trust, but combined with his egocentric and immature belittling of a duly elected county official – and now – conducting meetings without Judge Lacy’s nominee, makes me wonder if Mr. Dike is more interested in promoting Mr. Dike than the task that has been assigned to him on behalf of the citizens of Bowie County. I hope that this is not the case.

  2. Lacy is the one who waited so long to announce his person. In court on Monday he said he would announce by the end of the day and then decided to wait till Friday… So who’s fault is it?

  3. Lacy made a choice … Whidson decided he didn’t like the choice because the choice would has found the 3 million … Apparently they don’t want it found …

  4. That is crazy!! Larry davlin is a city employee, for Texarkana. Lacy does not have a good working relationship with either side of Texarkana. His boss was just trying to keep the city out of the craziness of Bowie county!

  5. I understand that Mr. Worthen did not want this job and accepted it only after making some demands to Judge Lacy for total access to all county records for all committee members and their assistants and that any findings would be subject to being made public by any of the committee members. He said that the committee members have busy, important lives and this will just be a waste of time if that does not happen and apparently at least some of the committee members agree with him. Sounds reasonable to me since they are doing this without officially being paid. Of course, who knows what goes on behind the scenes?

  6. meeting before the full board is seated. Meeting behind closed doors. Meeting only with the auditor present. the auditor should only be called in at the board request.

    What we’re going to gain out of this board is a five year plan to continue giving more money to the city of Texarkana in the City of New Boston.

    A 5 year plan to cover up all of the mistakes William Tye has made.

  7. Mistakes or willful wrongdoing? That is the real question here. As I predicted earlier, someone is going to prison. Whoever turns State Evidence first gets off free. The rest go to the big house. It’s going to be an interesting and exciting year here in Bowie County.

  8. Who do you think will be going to prison, lacy, tye, burns, just who are you saying has broken the law?

  9. I don’t know yet but the numbers don’t add up and I have information that the State of Texas is about to get involved and in a big way.

  10. I really think they might need to. Pat McCoy was saying we were broke and no one wanted to believe him. The auditor works for the district judges, mainly Leon Pesek jr, I’ve noticed he has been in attendance to the last few meetings… Bring on the state. Whoever needs to go shall go. We could empty the a few offices.

  11. I understand that the Committee Members will receive an award of 25% of all hidden money that they locate!

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