Candidate for AR Governor Asa Hutchinson Visits Fouke

Asa HutchinsonThere was no sign of the Boggy Creek Monster in sight as Republican candidate for Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson visited with a crowd of supporters in Fouke yesterday evening. The town, famous for their annual monster events, welcomed business leaders from Texarkana and Fouke at the local community center where sandwiches and soft drinks were served. Texarkana businessman Curt Green introduced Hutchinson to an eager and excited crowd.

Hutchinson talked to the crowd about his principles and his vision for the state of Arkansas that includes a set plan for lowering taxes on the middle class, competing with surrounding states and reducing government regulations that have historically strangled small business in the state. Hutchinson challenged the crowd to compare records and plans of his with his Democrat opponent Mike Ross. Hutchinson noted that when Ross ran for government office he was a “Progressive Democrat.” When he ran for Congress he was a “Blue-Dog Democrat”. Now that Ross is running for Governor, Ross calls himself an “Independent”. A recent question was presented to Ross about why he now calls himself an “Independent” rather than simply a “Democrat”, and Ross stated that he is an “Independent Democrat.” Hutchinson stated that he had always been a Republican and that the conservative values of small government and business growth are what is important to him. Hutchinson’s first appointment in government came when he was thirty-one years old and was made by President Ronald Reagan.

Senator Jimmy Hickey of Texarkana was also on hand and spoke briefly to the crowd. Hickey noted that the Senate needs the leadership of Asa to move Arkansas forward. Hickey presented examples of where the Senate has had to operate with little or no input from the current Governor. Hickey stated that he is confident that with Asa Hutchinson as Governor, Arkansas can move forward in a positive direction.

Hutchinson also recognized his Miller County Coordinator, Bill Poynter. Poynter provided information about signs and bumper stickers to for those in attendance.

After a round of questions ranging from the current Open Carry issues to excessive regulations on business and education, Hutchinson visited with supporters for pictures and one-on-one questions before returning to Little Rock.

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  1. Good coverage Clinton. Can you tell me anymore about Asa’s response on open carry? Thanks

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