Victory for Hobby Lobby and Religious Freedom

Hobby LobbyThe Supreme Court decided today (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby – PDF) in a 5-4 vote that Obamacare’s contraception mandate was in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) when it required companies to pay for services which they consider morally reprehensible, such as the “morning after” contraceptive pill (the spanish version), which many people consider akin to abortion. In doing so, they agreed with Barbara Green, co-founder of Hobby Lobby, when she said, “We believe that Americans don’t lose their religious freedoms when they open a family business.”

David and Barbara Green, issued this statement:

Our family is overjoyed by the Supreme Court’s decision. Today the nation’s highest court has re-affirmed the vital importance of religious liberty as one of our country’s founding principles. The Court’s decision is a victory, not just for our family business, but for all who seek to live out their faith. We are grateful to God and to those who have supported us on this difficult journey.

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  1. In violation of the RFRA for certain. Have not read the decision – but hope the Supremes noted ACA also violated the free exercise clause, etc. of the Constitution. If the RFRA is ever amended (as they as wont to do – sneaking revisions into other non-related legislation) this battle may have to be fought again.

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