Proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir

Geologist to Present Information on Marvin Nichols This Evening

Proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir
Proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir

Friends United for a Safe Environment
(FUSE, Inc.)
P.O. Box 85
Texarkana, Texas-Arkansas 75504-0085
6 p.m. TUESDAY, July 8, 2014
Nelson Room, Texarkana Public Library
600 West 3rd Street, Texarkana, Texas
This man knows what he’s talking about!


A Dallas geologist with 34 years experience in the field will explain what’s at FAULT with the proposed Marvin Nichols reservoir.

Bill’s data – maps, charts, FACTS – show the planned lake would lie atop the Mexia-Talco Fault, creating pressure – and risks – affecting the entire area. Come see and hear Bill and make up your mind. He’ll be open to ANY questions. Come find out if your property could be in the path of a possible flood if the damn breaks. Mr. Crowder is a very lively and informative speaker! You do not want to miss this presentation!

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