Sen. Cruz Calls Pro-Abortion Bill S1696 ‘Extreme Legislation’

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Press Release: US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today made the following remarks in the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding S1696, legislation that is so overly broad it could be used to prohibit most, if not every, abortion regulation currently in effect. Sen. Cruz also entered into the record more than 300 letters from Texas women who have been hurt by abortion.

The legislation that this committee is considering is extreme legislation. It is legislation designed to eliminate reasonable restrictions on abortion that states across this country have put in place. It is legislation designed to force a radical view from Democrats in the Senate, that abortion should be universally available, common, without limit and paid for by the tax payer. That is an extreme and radical view.

It is a view shared by a tiny percentage of Americans, although a very high percentage of activists in the Democratic Party, who fund and provide manpower politically. It is also a very real manifestation of a war on women, given the enormous health consequences that unlimited abortion has had damaging the health and sometimes even the lives of women.

Full remarks are available here:

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