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The Road to Philadelphia – Aug 2014

Four States News - Essays & OpinionsDuring the summer of 1774, the Colonies agreed to send delegates to Philadelphia to form the first Continental Congress. “There is a new, and a grand Scene open before me—a Congress… I will keep an exact Diary, of my Journey, as well as a Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress.” John Adams, Entry in Diary, June 20, 1774

August 10 “The [Massachusetts] committee for the Congress took their departure from Boston… amidst the kind wishes and fervent prayers of every man in the company for our health and success. This scene was truly affecting, beyond all description affecting.” John Adams, Entry in Diary

August 16At four We made for N[ew] Haven. 7 Miles out of Town at a Tavern We met a great Number of Carriages and of Horse Men who had come out to meet us… As We came into the Town all the Bells in Town were set to ringing, and… the Cannon were fired, about a Dozen Guns I think. These Expressions of Respect to Us, are intended as Demonstrations of the Sympathy of this People with the Massachusetts Bay and its Capital…” John Adams, Entry in Diary

August 29 “After Dinner We stopped at Frankfort [Frankford] about five Miles out of Town. A Number of Carriages and Gentlemen came out of Philadelphia to meet us… We then rode into Town, and dirty, dusty, and fatigued as we were, we could not resist the Importunity, to go to the Tavern…” John Adams, Entry in Diary

September 5 “At Ten, The Delegates all met at the City Tavern, and walked to the Carpenters Hall, where they took a View of the Room… The General Cry was, that this was a good Room, and the Question was put, whether We were satisfied with this Room, and it passed in the Affirmative.” John Adams, Entry in Diary

James Still,

“… I have taken a long Walk… I wander alone, and ponder… The Objects before me, are too grand, and multifarious [many parts] for my Comprehension… I feel unutterable Anxiety. —God grant us Wisdom, and Fortitude!” John Adams, Entry in Diary, June 25, 1774

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