Is it Time for a New Auditor in Bowie County? (Poll)

Bowie County TexasAt Commissioners Court on July 14, Judge Lacy’s son, Steve Lacy made a detailed presentation about the figures County Auditor William Tye has been providing to the Court.

He pointed out that Tye’s reports of available cash as of October 1, 2013 had varied from a positive $2.2 million at that time, down to a negative $3.4 million presented in May.

Tye said that any numbers before the final figure were estimates, and that he can’t provide accurate figures until a few months after the fiscal year ends. Steve Lacy responded that he should be able to give the Court those numbers at least monthly, and that the Court will never be able to make good decisions until that happens.

County Legal Advisor Carol Dalby said later that “The District Judges have confidence in the County Auditor.” I haven’t been able to confirm that.

Mr. Tye, quoted in a newspaper article, admitted to moving funds from what he thought was a restricted account (the “FEMA” fund) into the general fund. Mike Sandefur, the chairman of the Financial Advisory Committee, went into great detail at Commissioners Court on July 14 how the county had dipped into restricted funds on more than one occasion.

We were told that $3.4 million was removed from this fiscal year’s revenues to replenish restricted funds depleted in the past. Other than the “FEMA fund,” which only held approximately $720,000, we still haven’t been told which restricted funds were used, nor when.

There is a great deal of finger-pointing regarding Bowie County finances. Are we dealing with the ramifications of former Judge James Carlow’s budget issues? Or was the county on firm financial footing until Judge Sterling Lacy took office? These issues might be easier to understand — and correct — if Commissioners Court could be given correct, up-to-date financial information.

It seems Bowie County would benefit from a new auditor, and a fresh, detailed look at our finances. (Incidentally, private citizens have offered to establish a fund to pay for a forensic audit to determine how much money the county actually has, and how it has been managed.)

What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Is it Time for a New Auditor in Bowie County? (Poll)

  1. What role does steve lacy have in this county? If he isn’t employed with Bowie County, why is he involved in county business???

  2. I see that Jessica Cowley has her head stuck in the sand … introduce absolute facts and the RINOS as other liberals just scream who dat . There was a time when honorable people saw the truth ……Judge Lacy has been hog tied by Carlow’s people since he was elected . I hope we don’t have to wait for judgement day in Heaven to have justice .

  3. And as usual if you don’t agree with a Lacy supporter you get called a name or told your not a good Christian. And the only person in Bowie county who can change parties at every ejection and still be called a true republican is ??? Lacy. Imagine that. Guess it was a Carlow supporter who finally submitted a budget that appears to be filled with errors. From over stated revenue to mis calculated tax rates.

  4. I am so tired of all the blame game going on . Now we are going to blame William Ty for our county problems. We are in a mess that needs to be corrected now . It is done . Close the doors and move forward to find a way to correct the problem . You can not undo what has been done so stop dwelling on it. Become a team and work together to come up with a solution for a budget for next year .
    It is sad that 5 intelligent men can not come together and take the advice that has been given you and make a budget that will cover all the county needs .
    I’m praying that you Judge Lacy , Sammy , Mike , Tom & Kelly will join together to make our county a place to be proud of . Please put aside all the division and unite together for the citizens of Bowie Co

  5. Not only is it time for a new auditor it’s time for new commissioners too!
    (And so we tortured a few folks! Time to move on, BULL!)
    In this digital age are we still using pencil and paper? The Bowie County finances
    should be transparent to all county residents on a monthly bases via the

  6. Joe , since we are on a first name basis , I totally realize when someone orders 3 plus million dollars moved to a place that excludes the current budget , then it will not balance , can I make it any planer brother ?

  7. I think the whole damn bunch should be replaced. They are the ones that ran the county into bandrupt and now they to raise taxes to pay for their screw-ups.

  8. Did any of you know the county revenues grew 73% between 2003 and 2008? Did you also know that Judge Carlow’s last budget, fiscal year 2011 that was approved by the commissioner’s court had the largest deficit of any in the past 10 years? The 2014 fiscal year budget of Pat McCoy whose budget was approved by the commissioners off his laptop computer will probably be the largest deficit in another month when the fiscal year is over. Our county’s problems are mostly from what happened from poor leadership in Washington, starting in 2008, and has been exacerbated by poor accounting by the County Auditor’s office and the Treasurer’s office. THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!

  9. Yes it would be a great day to graduate from a Big Chief tablet, a 30 million dollar budget shouldn’t be that hard to manage properly for a CPA, unless it’s necessary.

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