Kathie Glass Solves Debate Problems of Abbott and Davis

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Press Release: Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor, the only proven debater in the 2014 gubernatorial race, proposed a solution to the debate problems of Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis.

“It takes at least two participants to debate,” Glass said. “If Wendy Davis can’t persuade Greg Abbott to live up to his commitment to enter the Gannett debate and Abbott can’t persuade Wendy Davis to enter the Sinclair debate, I will debate each one one-on-one. Problem solved.”

Because Rick Perry refused to debate in 2010, Kathie Glass was in three debates with Bill White — one sponsored by PBS, and two by the League of Women Voters. Several commentators on the PBS debate including the AP said that Kathie Glass “stole the show.”

“Greg Abbott hopes that Texas voters believe the Republican label means something and the voters don’t get too much chance to study his record of support for his cronies,” Glass said. “The people of Texas deserve to see all their options in a side-by-side-by-side debate. If Greg Abbott is unwilling to do that, he is not ready to take the pivitol position of Texas governor which has the ability to stop the federal government from violating the Constitution, secure our border, and save our liberty in other respects,” Glass continued.

“I am running a serious race and the 2014 governor’s race is going to be a serious three-way race,” Glass said. “We have put the pieces together so that, come election day, voters will know that I stand for real resistance to federal tyranny and corrupt cronyism in Texas, and that I am the only candidate who will deliver what they want. Texas voters will also know that it only takes a little more than one-third of the vote to win in a competitive three-way race.”

The Kathie Glass Campaign is kicking off the fall campaign in high gear in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

Friday and Saturday, Aug. 29 – 30 – The Campaign is running a booth at the Defending the Dream Conference at the Dallas Omni Hotel.

Sunday, Aug. 31 – Kathie Glass will be a guest on Lone Star Politics on DFW KXAS NBC 5, the political show aired >Sunday mornings before Meet the Press. KCAS is one of the consortium of stations that Greg Abbott wants to see run the debate.

Sunday, Aug. 31 – Kathie Glass Volunteer Workshop – Grapevine – 3:00 p.m. – Spring Creek Barbeque, 315 W Hwy 114, Grapevine.

Monday, Sep. 1 – Kathie Glass Tour Bus in Garland Labor Day Parade – 9:00 a.m. – Williams Stadium 510 Stadium, Garland is staging area. Click here to see parade route.

Kathie Glass for Texas Governor Tour Bus

Kathie Glass for Texas Governor Tour Bus
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The Campaign will also continue a grueling pace on the “Texas 254 Tour” in the Kathie Glass tour bus. The number “254” references the number of counties in Texas — all of which Glass vows to visit before election day. “We have already visited over 160 counties so far, and we will make significant progress toward completion in September as we visit Far West Texas and the Panhandle,” Glass said.

According to Glass, our liberty and country are dying primarily due to federal tyranny caused by a federal government that refuses to abide by the Constitution. She calls for nullification of unconstitutional federal acts as the only effective remedy.

The Republican nominee Greg Abbott thinks standing up to the federal government means filing a lawsuit. “If that’s a winning strategy,” Glass said, “why are we in this mess? Don’t sue the buzzards — arrest them!”

As Kathie Glass says, “Washington is broken and the two-party system is corrupted by special interests. If we are save our liberty, our Constitution, and our country, we have to chart a new course — away from Washington and outside the corrupt two party system.”

“Texas is not only plagued by federal tyranny from Washington, but also cronyism here at home,” Glass said. “Tax monies for favored businesses, water for developers, land for toll roads and pipelines — cronies are using Texas government to become more rich and more powerful at the expense of the rest of us.”

Glass believes that the current border crisis is caused by a combination of federal overreach and cronyism. “Immigration is not delegated to the federal government in the Constitution. If we are going to solve the border crisis, Texans must enforce state law against trespass and other crimes on the border using our Texas State Guard, and we must craft our own Texas immigration policy that includes a welcoming guest worker program,” Glass said.

The Texas governor can secure the border, enforce the Constitution, and resist cronyism. Only Kathie Glass will.

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