Womens Conference

Cass County Womens Conference in Queen City, Sep 27

Womens Conference
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Cass County Womens Conference will be held Saturday, September 27, 2014, at Queen City Funeral Home, beginning at 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM. This year’s theme is “Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe.”

Classes include

Bullying” This speech is being given by an area school counselor. She will address bullying in our area schools. Her focus will be the affects of being bullied and the motivation of the bully. She will speak about recognizing if your child is being bullied and how to recognize if your child is a bully. She will explain the best methods to stop this horrific experience for the child being bullied, as well as how to stop the horrific behavior of the bully.

Alzheimer’s: The Disease”, Alzheimer’s Alliance Assistant Director, Carrie Trusty will present a class on how to recognize this dreaded disease. She will explain the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s. She will present methods on getting help and how the disease is treated medically and socially.

Alzheimer’s: The Caregiver”, Alzheimer’s Alliance Assistant Director, Carrie Trusty will present a class on how to help care for your patient, how to care for the caregiver and what is available for caregivers in training and respite. This class will discuss successful methods for coping as a caregiver and proven methods to encourage the cooperation of your loved one.

Naturally Healthy” will be taught by Carrie Carree, Naturopathy Specialist from Pensacola FL. Carrie has studied natural health from one corner of the country to the other. Her class will focus on keeping you and your family healthy without medications and their harmful side effects, and how to heal yourself when illness strikes. Carrie is also an herb gardener. She will reveal successful methods to grow and prepare the most important herbs for you healing cabinet.

Hearing Health” will be taught by Michael Lee, Audioprosthologist. Michael will discuss potential injury from constant exposure to electronic sounds and ways to protect young ears from hearing loss. He will demonstrate the purpose of hearing aids, what to expect from them and how they interface with modern life. His class will teach the attendee how to ensure that their prescribed hearing aid is one that actually performs the technologies for their hearing loss.

Photography,” Michael Lee, Master Photographer will demonstrate successful use of the camera in lay terms. He will help mother’s improve their photography skills by explaining the mechanics of the camera, depth of field and background awareness.

Beauty Careers” Cosmetology Academy of Texarkana will give free manicures and present the possibilities of a career in the ever growing field of cosmetology careers. Their guidance counselor will explain how to register for school and how to apply and qualify for financial aid.

Knock Out Violence,” Jeremy McQuivey from Chuck Norris’s’ Kick Start Kids program, will close the conference with a presentation on protecting you and your children from domestic violence. He will explain the difference between “As seen on TV” violence and real world violence, and will demonstrate defensive methods to protect yourself from injury.

Cass County Womens Conference is a free educational based conference for the women of the ArkLaTex. We extend an invitation to all the women of our area who are interested in improving their lives and the lives of those around them. Please join us for this year’s free conference.

For additional information, please contact Tracy Lee at (903) 796-9669.

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