Bowie County Commissioners Court – Tax Hearing (Video)

Bowie County TexasLast night at the Bowie County Courthouse, the Bowie County Commissioners Court held the first of two tax hearings.

Citizens who interacted with the Court were

Carol Smith of Maud
Roger Spencer of New Boston
Ricky Wilson of Dekalb
David McDaniel of New Boston
Emily Sabo of Texarkana
Tom Gary of Maud
Charles Vandeburg of Texarkana

The next hearing will be 10AM Monday, 8 September, in the Commissioners Court room.

Note: Commissioner Tom Whitten was on a mission trip to Cuba.

0 thoughts on “Bowie County Commissioners Court – Tax Hearing (Video)

  1. A complete AUDIT must be done on Bowie county books . All this ‘Good Ole Boy ” politics has got to stop . Someone or a group of someones’ is responsible for all of this and the public needs to know who !

  2. This is not something that has developed in the last couple of years. Judge Lacy stepped into this mess. It has been going on for many, many years. The commissioners have tried to make Judge Lacy the scape goat for the way they have mishandled our tax dollars for the last twenty or more years.

  3. What’s the difference in borrowing money on out building down town and the 5 mil we just borrowed? Looks to me one borrow is the same as the other.

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