Commissioners Court Says ‘No’ to Evening Meetings

Bowie County TexasJudge Lacy noted that when the state requires a hearing, it is mandated to be held in the evening, so more people will be available to attend

Lacy suggested that the first meeting of each month be held in the evening, and noted that the central jury room should always be available, facilitating larger crowds.

There was no discussion at all among the members of the Court.

When Lacy’s motion came to a vote, it was defeated. Lacy and Commissioner Mike Carter voted “yes,” and Commissioners Sammy Stone, Tom Whitten, and Kelly Blackburn voted “no.”

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  1. I for one am getting tired of having to use my vacation days to attend Commissioner’s Court meetings. Most every city in Bowie County has their monthly council meetings in the evening, Bowie County has two per month, why is it one of them cannot be held in the evening?

  2. Lacy states “whenever the state requires a hearing they mandate that it be held in the evening”. I don’t know what state he’s talking about, but he’s not talking Texas. NO WHERE IN TEXAS LAW that I am aware of is there a mandate to hold a public hearing in the evening. Lacy is making up facts. Total incompetence. If he want’s a meeting in the evening he can force it. He doesn’t need a commissioner’s court vote to approve having a meeting. Just call the meeting for in the evening. If the commissioners don’t show… they don’t show and they can explain to the public their absence.

    Let’s assume Lacy’s statement is true. How many public hearings has he participated in where there was a public hearing held in the daytime. All of them… so he then participated in a meeting that violated the law. He really is comical.

  3. Instead of saying Judge Lacy is “making up facts” and “Total incompetence,” why don’t you ask him where it is in state law? Instead of giving a person a chance to explain, you just jump all over them. Bet you wouldn’t want to be treated like that. Remember, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Maybe he is right because there are thousands and thousands of laws and nobody can keep up with all of them. If he proves you wrong now, won’t you look the fool and everyone will be laughing at you… Actually, some of us already are. Hehe.

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