Commissioners Offer No Changes, Pass 2014-2015 Budget Unanimously (Video)

Bowie County TexasMonday, during the last session of Bowie County Commissioners Court for this fiscal year, the budget for the next fiscal year was approved unanimously.

Although spokesmen for the Court’s Financial Advisory Committee had expressed dissatisfaction with Judge Sterling Lacy’s proposed budget, none of the commissioners offered any suggestions for changes.

After the commissioners declined to offer any changes to the proposed budget, Judge Lacy offered several changes based on input from various department heads. He gave the commissioners a 64-page document (PDF link below) highlighting each change, and explained them.

Lacy then offered the commissioners a recess so they could have time to look over the changes, but each one declined, and when asked, none of them had any questions or comments about the changes.

The budget for FY 2014-2015 was passed unanimously on a roll-call vote.

In the next agenda item, the Court unanimously approved the tax rate for the new fiscal year.

Suggested Changes to Proposed Budget (PDF)

0 thoughts on “Commissioners Offer No Changes, Pass 2014-2015 Budget Unanimously (Video)

  1. Apparently Judge Lacy gave them everything they wanted, Judge Lacy should be commended for working so closely with the Auditor, Treasurer, FAC and Commissioner’s so that they didn’t have a single comment, or complaint at voting time, and voted unanimously to approve the budget, with recommended changes. Excellent partnership to get things done for the citizens, thanks to everyone.

  2. Why would you not even look at a document that offered 60 plus pages of changes.

    Maybe because they were ordered not to? Just a thought? Otherwise they must have all agreed, and all worked closely together enough, to feel that comfortable voting unanimously for it to pass.

  3. Glenda, Would it have mattered? The issue isn’t the budget. Lacy proposed balanced budgets every year. The issue is electing a county judge that knows how to manage a complex budget. It makes absolutely no difference what you put in it, if you can’t manage it. All that mattered to the commissioners is that revenue exceeded expenditures. It gives them a legal basis to proceed. It was actually a very sophisticated strategy when you think about it. Then we elect Carlow and get someone in there that actually knows how to deliver a net positive impact to fund balance. Arguing with lacy over line items now is a complete waste of time, particularly with his budget being late, incomplete, with bungled hearings. Now that they have a budget the commissioners and a new Judge can manage it closely with or without him through the amendment process.

  4. Bill.. Maybe it won’t matter in the end, but the process is to review and without it the system doesn’t yield it’s best outcome. We the people need all eyes on this process. The best decisions are not always made by the smartest people in the room, or the people that are like minded. They come from a diverse group of people working together to accomplish the goal. IMO I get your part on the revenue exceeded expenditures to kept the system rolling forward, but there are those that would like to know that we also get the most for our expenditures. Correct me if I am wrong, but once the money is in each department’s budge.t it is their budget to manage not the Judge’s nor the commissioner’s. I actually was quite upset with my commissioner, as he too voted “yes”. I asked the question why? He had come early to review changes and made a few of his own. He cut his salary more and cut his travel expense. Tina obviously had questions that were certainly not cleared up.

  5. Glenda, Would it have mattered? The issue isn’t the budget. Lacy proposed balanced budgets every year.

    This is the best statement I have seen yet, yes it matters, and yes the issue isn’t the budget,
    it’s the funds that were diverted between the restricted funds, and
    general funds to keep up the PONZI scheme stopped by the Hwy 82 bond counsel, so no one knew what was what. And yes Lacy did “”PROPOSE”” balanced budgets every year, but none ever were passed, and yes both the Judge AND Commissioner’s made budgets based on vague, diversionary information from the Auditor, if it were important to anyone, they can review the transcripts from Commissioner’s Court and see even Pat McCoy said regarding the Auditor “Every time I ask him I get different numbers” No one has been working with correct information, until now.

  6. In an ideal world with people of good will, you could all come together and work out compromises that yields a consensus outcome. But you are in a county led by a JBS ideologue who is hell bent on destroying essential county government services by attacking revenue. It’s a bit disingenuous to argue that everyone else but lacy should be now suddenly held accountable for nuanced expenditure discussions. The battle front is on Revenue and we have a consensus. Now let’s have an election and see what that gets us.

  7. So you can’t find anything better than JBS affiliation which espouses Constitutional Government, Patriotism, and America First ideology. Come on Bill your getting paid for more than that. Your man has never accepted defeat, and has run a four year campaign of character assassination, and diversion right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, that you learned from Bill Ayer’s remember, way back when you were in the Chicago area.

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