Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Open Letter to Texas Tea Parties and Other Liberty Lovers

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor
Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Press Release: The 2014 Texas governor’s contest is the most important race in the nation. If you love liberty, Texas Governor is the only office that can stop an increasingly tyrannical federal government. The critical question is: who is the constitutional champion, and who is the establishment crony? This question presents a “bright line” test for Tea Parties and Tea Party leaders.

I’m Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor. Not a Republican, not a Democrat, not a crony.
I have been involved in the Tea Party movement since its inception five years ago. The very existence of the Tea Party is due to the failure of the Republican Party and its candidates and officeholders to stand for liberty, instead opting time and again to do the bidding of the special interest cronies.

In this race, Greg Abbott is the establishment crony, and I am the constitutional champion. I am the only candidate deserving of Tea Party support. Every Tea Party should be in full support of my campaign. Otherwise, you have to ask: what is the purpose of the Tea Party? What is its future? Can it survive? Should it?

Texas governor CAN secure the border; Only Kathie Glass WILL

Take the border issue, for example. I have gone to your press conferences and share your concerns. Greg Abbott shuns you and says that the border has never been so good. Unlike me, he refuses to outline his border policy. Click here for mine. He has reportedly called you “toxic” and warned others to stay away from you due to “bad optics.”

As I said in my 2010 PBS gubernatorial debate, you can give Rick Perry what he wants on election day, but he won’t respect you in the morning. It’s even worse with Greg Abbott –he doesn’t respect you now. You can alleviate any fear that supporting me may lead to a loss of influence if you accept the fact that you have no influence now.

If any party thinks it has you its hip pocket, you are going to be sat upon. You need walk-away power, and sometimes you need to use your walk-away power to . . . walk away. The 2014 Texas governor’s race this year is just such a time.

If Greg Abbott will not respond to your concerns or even return your calls when he needs your vote, why will he listen to you once in office? We all know that he won’t.

Texas governor CAN stop Obama; Only Kathie Glass WILL

Speaking of debates, why does Greg Abbott refuse to debate me? [video] Well, we know – he’s scared. He knows that I would beat him soundly not just based on my debating and speaking skills but because my position on the issues is what Texas voters crave.

Many of you were persuaded to vote straight Republican in hopes of stopping Obama from shredding the Constitution and our liberty. [video] How’s that hopey-changy thing working for you? If your “leaders” now ask you to pursue that same failed hopey-changy strategy, there’s no hope for them – replace them!

If Greg Abbott can’t face me, how can he face Obama and the cartels on the border? We all know that he won’t.

Texas governor CAN enforce the Constitution; Only Kathie Glass WILL

Greg Abbott thinks that filing a lawsuit is standing up to the federal government. The federal government is not afraid of a lawsuit! [video] They win most of them and ignore the rest. That’s why I say: don’t sue the buzzards – arrest them!

We must actively and vigorously nullify unconstitutional federal acts, thoughtfully selecting our initial targets. Greg Abbott does not believe in nullification. With the right governor, we can not only refuse to allow unconstitutional acts to take place in Texas, we can prosecute those whose actions also violate Texas law.

We live in an unconstitutional surveillance state that could easily become a police state. If we let America become a police state, America and liberty die – and not just for our lifetime. Only Texas is in a position to stop it but only with the right governor. Ronald Reagan said “America is freedom’s last stand.” I agree and add: “Texas is America’s last stand.”

It’s not just about Obamacare. Federal interference in our schools and our border, NSA spying — these are just a few of the things that must be stopped NOW. But Greg Abbott is so O.K. with these things that he hasn’t even threatened to sue.

Will Greg Abbott stop suing and start doing the hard work to enforce the Constitution and Texas law against the federal bullies? We all know that he won’t.

Texas governor CAN resist cronyism; Only Kathie Glass WILL

Toll road cronies steal land through eminent domain for useless toll roads. Water merchant cronies steal water from aquifers and lakes for their developer cronies. Cronies take tax slush funds from the Enterprise Fund without agreement or even an application. Education cronies grab tax dollars for their “test merchant” and “TajMaStadium builder” cronies. All of them saddle the rest of us with debt.

Greg Abbott is a crony who takes care of his cronies. Wendy Davis just has a different set of cronies. Both supported Prop 6 which not only stole our water but tax monies from our Rainy Day Fund. I coined the term “Nix Prop 6.” Both support Prop 1 which would give Rainy Day funds to a corrupt TxDot.

Will Greg Abbott turn his back on his cronies? We all know that he won’t.

Only one candidate has the vision, the plan, and the guts to see it through

Washington is broken — and broke – but the time is coming when it is totally collapsed,taking with it things Texas has come to rely on, rightly or wrongly. Like over 35% of our budget. Texas must have a governor with a vision of hard times ahead, a plan for how to withstand them, and the guts to see it through.

I am the only one with the required vision – the only one who even talks about the coming storm. I’m the only one with a plan for how to defeat it. See my Plan or Texas Independence – not secession but a way Texas stands strong and free, sovereign and independent as our Texas and federal Constitutions say that we are.

Who do you fear more – Wendy Davis or an unchecked Barack Obama?

Too many have allowed Republican fear-mongering about Wendy Davis to sway them from supporting the best person for governor. The house is on fire! I’m the only one who will put the fire out. Wendy may cheer the fire while Greg would file a lawsuit. Either way, the house burns down.

What would Wendy do as governor that wouldn’t also happen with Greg? What would have happened had Bill White been elected in 2010? Would we have higher taxes, spending, debt? Cronyism? Border crisis? Assault on property rights? Out of control federal government? WE’VE GOT THAT NOW!

We will have more of it if Greg OR Wendy is governor. Either way, Texas dies. Sadly, if I don’t win, it really doesn’t matter who does.
Greg Abbott has no vision, and he has no plan. But even if he somehow develops both, will he acquire the guts to see it through? We all know that he won’t.

We’ve been down this road before; It’s time to chart a new course

Some of you have fought to take over or reform the Republican Party to make it a force for liberty. You voted for someone you didn’t want, vowing to hold his feet to the fire. You found out that elected officials would rather have burnt off feet than go against their cronies.

For 20 years, Texas has tested the hypothesis that you can get liberty through the Republican Party. The hypothesis has failed. Twenty years with Republicans in every statewide office, most of that time holding the house and senate — supermajorities at times. Yet, we have higher taxes and spending, more debt (second highest per capita debt in the nation), much bigger threats to property rights, far more cronyism, much worse border problems, and a more tyrannical federal government with no effective resistance.

You’ve heard people say that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Those people are optimists! If we keep doing what we have done – electing crony, establishment Republicans who do nothing to stop federal tyrants, we will lose it all — our prosperity, our liberty, our country, our Constitution.

The status quo will not hold. We have to chart a new course — away from DC and outside the corrupt two-party system. [video] And we have to do it now — four years from now will be too late.

The Tea Party is at a pivotal crossroads – stay the course with a corrupt two party system? Or chart a new course with me?

How can we win?

I am a long shot, but I am the only chance that we have to save our liberty, our Constitution, our state, and our country. [video]

Remember, in a competitive three-way race, a plurality — one third of Texas voters plus a bit – puts you in office without a runoff. In 2006, Rick Perry won with only 39% with 31% not voting Republican or Democrat. Voters are more even more disgusted with both parties now than then.

Help me reach that 33% of Texas voters who share our common values and goals. It’s the only victory worthy of being described as a “win.” Anything else is just another way to lose.

Governor is the race. Now is the time. Kathie Glass is the candidate.

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