Texas Must Use Rainy Day Fund and Nullification to Stop Ebola

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Press Release: Today, Kathie Glass, Libertarian for Texas Governor, calls for Texas to act swiftly to stop the worsening Ebola crisis. We lack the facilities, personnel, and medicines to keep the first few cases from leading to a full scale epidemic.

The experimental drug ZMapp has shown promise as an antidote and is credited with saving their lives of a doctor and a nurse. ZMapp is in very short supply. It has tested positively for primates but has not gone through the lengthy testing process for use in humans. ZMapp is made in College Station at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center, and perhaps a couple of other places.

“We must nullify unconstitutional FDA regulations and similar federal acts that are blocking the rapid production and use of ZMapp,” Kathie Glass said, “and allow Texas A&M to produce as much ZMapp as possible as quickly as possible.” Glass continued, ” we must nullify any federal acts that disallow use of ZMapp in treatment of Ebola in humans.”

Texas also lacks facilities fully equipped and personnel fully trained to treat Ebola. “This rainy day is the reason that our Rainy Day Fund exists. Instead of raiding the Rainy Day Fund to benefit transportation cronies, as Proposition One would do,” Glass said, “we should use those funds to establish an Ebola hospital and pool with the best equipment and personnel using the most rigorous protocol imaginable. The resulting reduction in cross-contamination and spread of this deadly disease is a proper use of Rainy Day funds, as it will benefit all Texans, not just a few favored cronies.”

This rash of Ebola cases may or may not be the world wide pandemic we all fear, but it is not going away. Texas’ governor must lead the way to plan for our this ongoing battle.

Once again, Texas is in peril because we allow the federal government to make decision that Texas should be making. Public health is a state matter. We must reclaim our lost sovereignty and made these decisions here in Texas if we are to survive.”


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