Kathie Glass 254 Tour Complete! (Also, New Video Ads)

Press Release: Kathie Glass has now visited all 254 counties in Texas as part of her Libertarian Campaign for Texas Governor.


Kathie Glass in Briscoe County TX
Here is one of our favorite pictures of Kathie in Briscoe County in the Panhandle. We have met scores of wonderful people all across Texas and seen incredible scenery. It has been the adventure of a lifetime, seeking to unite Texans to resist an out of control federal government and cronyism here in Texas.

Kathie has visited well over 200 newspaper offices and received coverage in most of them. She has received coverage in 15 television markets, and been on more radio programs and spoken to more groups than we have had time to count.

Video Ads

Kathie has produced a large number of video ads that have been displayed at least 1.5 million times on the Internet. We have run ads on stations hosting the debates from which she was excluded all over the state – in English and Spanish. We have run ads on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze network, as well. We have also run selected radio advertising primarily on talk radio stations around the state.

The collection of video ads can be viewed on the Kathie Glass Youtube channel. (Click here to see them all.) Share the ones you like with everyone you know!

“Chart a New Course” ad that was aired on TheBlaze:


“It’s Time” video that was aired on TheBlaze:



The ad Kathie ran on commercial television stations around the state that aired the gubernatorial debates:



What You Can Do To Help In These Last Two Weeks of the Campaign?

  • Donate by clicking here. Kathie has poured a significant portion of her fortune into this campaign. Any money that you give now will go to running more ads.
  • Tell your friends and family about how important it is to vote for Kathie.
  • Send links to the Kathie Glass video ads to your friends, urging them to vote.
  • Display yard signs, 4X4 foot signs, bumper stickers, and hand out Kathie brochures. Go to the Kathie Glass Campaign Store to order bumper stickers and buttons. Send an email to info@kathieglass.org to find out how to get signs and brochures. The Kathie Glass brochure is available online by clicking here.

Thank you for your support so far. Let’s keep pushing through to the end of the campaign like our liberty and our country depend on it – because they do.

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