Bowie County Election Results

Bowie County TexasCounty Judge
James Carlow – 15,145
Sterling Lacy – 5,027

County Treasurer
Donna Burns – 16,494
Barry Crabbe – 3,138

Texarkana College Trustee, Place 5
Kaye C. Ellison – 7,749
Melvin Banks – 4,796
Charles Jackson Smith – 3,169

City of Texarkana, Beer & Wine Sales
For – 4,086
Against – 3,392

Texarkana ISD Bond Election
For – 3,059
Against – 2,759

City of Wake Village, Beer & Wine Sales
Against – 829
For – 763

0 thoughts on “Bowie County Election Results

  1. Sour grapes??? Joe just calls it as he sees it. What goes around comes around. Not a better CPA around than Joe. If Lacy would have listened to him maybe part of this mess would be behind us. So my question is this. Is Lacy going to move to Conway to be Akins lap dog again???

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