Armed Civilians Responding to "Lone-Wolf" Jihadists

Mr. Lone-Wolf Jihadist – Meet Mr. Lone-Wolf Counter-Terrorist

Armed Civilians Responding to "Lone-Wolf" Terrorists
Armed Civilians Responding to “Lone-Wolf” Jihadists

by Gabe Suarez

The terror events of the past year – in the western world – have showcased several points about terrorism and “lone-wolf” jihadists. Among them are these:

  1. The fact that while the authorities are very good (for the most part) at thwarting organized, foreign-sponsored groups of terrorists, their ability to prevent a self-motivated jihadist is severely lacking. It is severely lacking and shall continue to be thus while we enjoy a relatively free society. Moreover, I doubt any readers would want to trade freedom for complete safety…or actually, the illusion of safety.
  2. The fact that legislation and referendums and executive actions have no effect on those who have decided to become terrorists, since it is endemic of that particular group to flaunt any laws outside their own. Witness that France (and Canada), with some of the most restrictive gun laws on the planet, could not prevent a small marginally skilled group of Islamic Terrorists from killing nearly twenty people with extremely prohibited Kalashnikov Rifles.
  3. The fact that as noble, self-less and courageous as the responding units may be, they are by nature a reactive force, and not a preventive force. They always have, and will inevitably always will, arrive too late…and after the fact.

The foregoing points are irrefutable by anyone that has followed the history of these events. The mere fact that the leaders of the free world refuse to actually name the enemy, labeling them as “radicalized”, or “extremists”, is indicative that the slaughter of innocents and non-combatants will continue until, ostensibly, we all submit – or die.

One columnist I read recently pondered assigning a counter-terrorist operator to each likely target, but that is as unlikely as it would be ineffective. There is one other possibility. A possibility that frightens the authorities and the leaders whose vocabulary does not include the words “Islamic Terrorist”.

Enter the “Lone Wolf Counter-Terrorist.”

At every terror event, whether motivated by insane religions, or simply a lack of fastidious medication, there have been plenty of everyday “people”. And I suspect there have been a few there whose initial reaction was not to cower and to shrink from the face of evil. I suspect their initial reaction was anger. Yet unarmed by their observance of social norms, they were without the effective means to act on their natural fighter’s inclinations. And they were forced by decree, into victimhood.

But dangerous times (such as those we live in today, exemplified most recently by France), call for dangerous measures. Normally those measures should be taken by those who govern, but, well… let’s not waste our time with that dead end.

I call for every man and woman that has been outraged by the events at Charlie Hebdo in Paris to take steps to be their own rescuer…their own counter terrorist. The skill of these self-motivated killers is not as high as the uninformed commentators on CNN would have us think. Are they practiced? Certainly, but they are not invulnerable. Witness how many photographs have been taken, not only of the Paris terrorists, but of all terrorists and active shooters. A photograph is the same as a bullet… and those shots would not have been difficult to make.

I call for every capable man and woman in the west to arm themselves and carry weapons with them every single place they go where a Lone Wolf – Home Grown – Islamic Terrorist may strike. If you simply cannot obtain a firearm… at least get a knife. Sure it may be against regulations, but do you think the dead in Paris might have traded getting into trouble over getting killed for drawing a cartoon?

I challenge every man and woman who rails at the thought of hiding under a desk while a mad man roams freely, killing with an already illegal rifle, to train themselves to a level of skill suitable for killing that terrorist…for killing him with a knife from behind, or for shooting him right in his open mouth as he spews his first announcement of who he is and why he is there.

I challenge every citizen of every western nation who said, “Enough!”, or “I Am Charlie”, to get off the couch and train. To become physically fit in strength and agility. To develop marksmanship skills. To develop the will and the aggression necessary to affect change in the opening moments of a planned mass slaughter. To develop the mind set and attitude to kill the terrorist, unannounced, from behind, from the darkness, from the most unexpected sector, and thereby saving his intended victims.

Only when this becomes the norm, when images of a dead terrorist flash across Facebook and Twitter… with a tight group of pistol bullets in his face, fired by a common man or woman who decided to not die quietly that day – rather than a police officer executed on the sidewalk… will the tide begin to change. Do not fear the terrorist… the terrorist must learn to fear you.

Rather than “I am Charlie”, let the unifying cry be this: Today, every man is a Counter-Terrorist.

Originally appeared here. Used with express permission.

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