US Rep. John Ratcliffe, TX 4th Congressional District

Ratcliffe: I Will Not Rubber-Stamp Abuse of the Constitution

The House voted Friday 224-203 against a measure put forth by GOP leadership which would have continued current funding for the Department of Homeland Security and put no limits on paying for President Obama’s unconstitutional – and unpopular – executive amnesty.

Texas Republican John Ratcliffe was one of those in opposition, and has supported HR240, the House-passed measure to fully fund the Department while removing the president’s executive action on immigration.

Congressman Ratcliffe delivered his statement regarding his support for not voting to encourage any action that would violate the constitution:

I raised my right hand and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as the Representative of the 4th Congressional District of Texas. Over 700,000 Texans have entrusted to me to carry out this oath, and it’s something that I take very seriously.

Although president Obama made the same commitment, he decided to violate that oath when he granted executive amnesty to 5 million illegal aliens – despite admitting on more than 20 prior occasions that the constitution does not provide him with the authority to do so.

Last week, the judicial branch of our government agreed when a federal judge ruled that the president was ignoring Congress and making laws from scratch. As a former terrorism prosecutor I am committed to keeping America safe – that’s why I am an original co-sponsor of HR 240, which funds the Department of Homeland security while at the same time, defunding the president’s executive amnesty.

This week president Obama and the Senate democrats are using scare tactics and blaming Republicans for a potential shutdown in order to get funding for illegal amnesty. There is simply no way that I can in good faith vote to fund an unconstitutional act.

My constituents sent me here to be a guardian of the Constitution, not to rubber-stamp its abuse. It’s unfortunate that the Senate refuses to pass this bill, but their inability to do so will not change my resolve in staying principled in my defense of our sacred Constitution.

If there is a shutdown, it’s because the president and the democrats care more about 5 million illegal aliens than they do about the safety of millions of Americans.

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