Job Numbers Indicate Texas Still a ‘Beacon Of Opportunity’

Today, the Texas Workforce Commission announced (PDF link) the addition of 20,100 jobs in January, and an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent, down from 4.6 percent in December. Governor Greg Abbott released the following statement:

The State of Texas is continuing to lead the nation in job growth by leveraging our state’s greatest natural resource – the people of Texas, who have developed an incredibly robust and resilient economy. And while the January job numbers are a testament of the strength of Texas’ economy, there is more we must do to boost our job market beyond our borders and compete on the global stage. By diversifying investments, streamlining regulations and reducing the business franchise tax, we will cultivate an even stronger, more effective economy where all Texans are afforded the opportunity to innovate and to prosper.

The trade, transportation and utilities industries experienced the greatest gains in January, with 10,900 jobs added for a total increase of 79,100 jobs over the past year.

One TWC official stated, “This latest labor market data indicates that our state is approaching the 12 million jobs milestone, with 11,769,600 jobs now in Texas. Employers continue to propel Texas on a path paved with growth and innovation.”

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Gov. Greg Abbott’s office released a web video highlighting the governor’s State of the State tour across Texas. The video, “Keeping Texas The Beacon Of Opportunity,” features the Governor’s trips to Midland and Houston where he discussed his session agenda and visited school campuses. Also in the video are Gov. Abbott’s remarks about the need for better schools, building more roads, reducing the tax burden, securing the border and reforming state ethics laws.

“As the sun rises on 2015, the State of Texas is strong and together, we are about to make it even stronger. Our fellow Texans face many challenges,” Abbott says in the video. “Working together, we will succeed and we will keep Texas the beacon state in the United States of America.”

Gov. Abbott’s measured cadence of speaking, combined with the rhythmic soundtrack, almost sounds like a music video. :-)

[youtube id=”Z9iVH-ELYJk”]

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