Chili’s: Good Food/Bad Service

Clinton S. ThomasWe’ve had the idea of restaurant reviews on the back burner for a while… As it turns out, our friend Clinton used to have a blog devoted to that. Here’s the first one!

As Friday evening rolled around our family contemplated where to eat a meal out on the town. If you live in Texarkana, then you know we seem to have restaurants all over the place and on both sides of the line. We finally decided, or I should say my wife decided, that she wanted ribs. Who claims to have the best ribs? Naturally Chili’s lays claim to the best ribs in whatever town their store has an operation. So off to Chili’s the family went.

We arrived at about 7:40 p.m. and found a waiting list was already firmly in place. We signed up, received our notifier disk, stood inside the door, and waited. While we waited other people came in and people ahead of us began to fill the seating sections as openings appeared. Before long though I, along with hungry kids and wife, noticed something was wrong.

We noticed that everyone except for one other couple and us had been seated. We further noticed that everyone coming in after us was being seated as well. After ten sets of people were seated, with groups ranging from two people to six, I had just about had enough. It was now 8:30 p.m., and we noticed the other couple waiting to be seated had enough as well. The other couple arrived at the sign up sheet about the same time as my wife did. We were all not very happy to say the least. After telling the staff the problem, we left. I really don’t know what the other couple did.

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Being that I felt wronged over the entire event — there being no ribs on a plate in front of me and such — I decided to take advantage of social media to share my experience. I immediately started tweeting the problem, and went to the Facebook page for Chili’s in Texarkana. I found several people had the same problem. In fact it appears that a lot of people have posted such comments as “Great food/horrible service” or “Worst service ever” and some other colorful comments.

After reading some of the reviews, I realized that Chili’s has a real problem in Texarkana. I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. After voicing my complaint, the manager apologized and explained to me that a change in the staff had resulted in my family and the other couple being overlooked. She did offer to take care of us and make sure we had a good experience if we would come back and ask for her by name. I appreciated the comments from the manager and the apology, but insisted that I felt like this would be my last visit to the Texarkana store.

Sadly, I think the manager was sincere in her apology, and I might feel bad if it were not for so many other negative reviews. Maybe it’s time the manager, or someone in the store, rethinks service. You can have good food all day, but if you have bad service you simply will not last as a restaurant in a twin city area like Texarkana.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Our goal is to recognize the good restaurants, and encourage the others to become good. So, if you have a good experience at Chili’s, please be sure to share that. Hopefully they’ll be known for good service soon.

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0 thoughts on “Chili’s: Good Food/Bad Service

  1. I worked at Chili’s for about the first fifteen years it was open. The quality of management steadily went down over the years. It seemed like once they lost the original managers, nobody “took ownership” as a manager. Likewise the quality of servers has gone downhill. You cant expect good service with all the staff on their cell phones and managers not doing anything about it. It is sad, but I have heard a lot of negative comments about Chili’s recently. I have not actually been there in a while, and with everything I hear, I am not planning a trip in the near future. I hope they can turn it around. They do have great food!

  2. I agree about the servuce.. I don’t go there anymore. The last time I went, I heard a family at a table beside us complain to the manager that she could see where the food was sitting before being delivered to the tables and a girl was walking by and taking things off of the plates and eating them. (Tomato, french fry, etc.) I don’t know what’s going to happen to that place.

  3. Have not been there in a long time. My reason was that I did not like the food.

    Try Olive Garden, had a service or food problem the last three times I was there. That was enough.

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