Joe’s Pizza & Pasta Italian Cuisine – A Taste of Italy in Downtown Texarkana

Joe’s Pizza
, as I call them for short, has been around Texarkana for sometime now offering great food at competitive prices. Now, when I say competitive prices, I mean they are competitive with the full service chains in town as well as the fast food operations. That’s right, they offer a level of competition to both of these and to be honest in the lunch arena, you can’t beat Joe’s.

Earlier this week my wife and I decided to make our weekly trip to the downtown post office and grab a little lunch while there. After taking care of the postal business, we made the short walk across the street to Joe’s. The atmosphere was great as usual, and this time we beat the rush. We obtained a table in the back and started our routine look through the menu as the restaurant filled up. Police officers, court staff, and downtown business folks came in quickly. When it was time to decide on a meal, the choice was easy. We immediately looked to Joe’s lunch specials. We knew this was the competition area with local fast food restaurants.

The first thing you need to know is that fast food is not cheap. You make your order, pay for your meal, get your meal, sit down and you are on your own. The meal usually costs around $8 to $9 these days and includes a drink. Joe’s knocks the competition off the stove in this area. Joe’s offers a variety of items on the lunch special, all for $6.95. Add a drink to that, unless you want water, and you’re almost pushing that $9 for the fast food meal. But there is a major difference in what you’re getting for your money.

On this day we decided to go with one of our favorites, Joe’s Chicken. Joe’s Chicken is served first with a salad and your choice of dressing. After the salad you get your main dish, which in this case is a boneless small chicken breast covered in sauce and spaghetti with mushrooms. To go along, you get bread, unlimited if you want it, and your drink with refills.

The salad was a standard salad for which we chose ranch dressing. Honestly, it wasn’t going to hold a candle to something at an upscale restaurant, but then again it was the lunch special. It came with a couple of slices of tomato and green pepper. The main meal featured a small chicken breast as stated and was cooked perfectly. On this day we decided to try the additional item of “Meatball”. I joked with the waitress asking her if this meant there was one “Meatball” in side dish. I was happy to find out that it did not mean one meatball when ours came with four small, perfectly cooked meatballs.

Because we added the meatballs, we walked out with about a $20 ticket. We added a tip and considered what lunch would have cost us at a fast food spot. It doesn’t take long to figure out that you can easily spend anywhere from $18 to $22 to eat a fast food meal.

Now I still need to head back to Joe’s and compare the evening meals to those of other restaurants for the nightlife, but one thing is certain – when it comes to a fast food alternative that tastes great, and is served in a great downtown atmosphere, you can’t beat Joe’s Pizza.

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