On The Border in The Border City

On the Border LogoWe usually eat at On The Border for evening meals, but today we ventured out for lunch. Fortunately, we arrived at about 1:30pm and missed the lunch rush. It was immediately apparent that the mid-day meal had depleted the soda lines when we found our drinks to be overly carbonated. This minor inconvenience was quickly addressed by our waitress and the staff who did not seem interested in allowing me to go change the tanks for them (an offer I had made).

A Superior Lunch, and an Enchiladas Dinner later we were more than happy with the service and atmosphere. We had also added our yellow dip, but anyone going should be aware that for the time being they are offering a variety of different dips for your chips.

As usual, my final conclusion with On The Border is a positive one. If you have a late lunch planned, I would highly suggest you go. It would also present a great atmosphere for a lunch meeting or even an interview lunch. And don’t be afraid to bring any concerns to the attentive staff’s attention.

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