Will PGISD’s Bond Make Education Better, or Just More Expensive?

Cost of EducationLetter to the Editor: I too take the education of our children very seriously. PGISD’s superintendent and school board have recognized the high academic achievement of their students, both at a school board meeting and in the local paper. I do not believe a new school building will increase this high academic achievement, but, a new bond (debt) will only raise the cost of providing an education equivalent to what is being offered today.

Education is about curriculum and teachers and students. Two local private schools offer education at lesser facilities than PGISD, and for their children to go there parents are willing to pay thousands of dollars a year (in addition to their property taxes). Why? It is about the learning experience provided by curriculum and teachers, not facilities. I would like Pleasant Grove to obtain that reputation in the public school sector.

To date PGISD has not publicly stated why the current facilities cannot be maintained. At the two public bond hearings several handouts were provided with financial information but none concerning the condition of the building and why it cannot be maintained. Off hand remarks made to various media without a public forum with documented studies are not justification for taxing $36.1 million for a new building.

Were this proposed bond to be paid off like a fixed rate mortgage, an $18.6 million facility paid off with $36.1 million in property taxes would have an annual payment of about $200 per $100,000 property valuation. It takes right at $5,000 total per $100,000 property valuation to pay this bond off over 25 years. I hope you were not expecting to only pay $10.63 for 25 years, or $265.75 total.

(signed) Glenn Johnson

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