Gov. Abbott: Veto Unconstitutional SB313 – Common Core Lite

Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Kathie Glass, 2014 Libertarian Party Candidate for TX Governor

Press Release: The campaign for Texas governor may be over, but Kathie Glass continues to work for liberty for Texans by monitoring the performance of Gov. Greg Abbott.

Even though common core is against Texas law and our Texas Constitution, the legislature has passed the Common Core Lite “I Hate America” bill, officially known as SB313.

The purpose of our Texas Constitution’s mandate in Art. 7, Sec. 1 for a “suitable provision” for an “efficient system of free public schools,” is to preserve “the liberties and rights of the people.” SB 313 does just the opposite.

Kathie Glass said, “Steeped in contempt for America and liberty, Common Core and SB 313 violate our Texas Constitution and are contrary to the very reason we have government schools in the first place.”

As a former member of the State Board of Education, Bill Ames has outlined what is wrong with Common Core and SB313’s anti-American, anti-liberty, anti-intellectual approach. Read more at Texas Insider Politics.

“I call upon Gov. Abbott to veto SB313 to protect our Texas Constitution and education,” said Ms.Glass.

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